Abnormally Large Animals That Really Exist In The World

There are big animals and then there are their largest versions that are real and still exist. Can you imagine, you have a dog you so proudly take to the park, when all of a sudden a massive one walks in, shaking the ground when it runs?...  What else is out there!! Well, here we will show you the largest, biggest animals that actually exist on this earth!

13 Flemish Giant


The Easter bunny at the mall, human size comes to mind and how about in the real life? could a bunny get that big?  In Belgium, there is a breed of rabbits the size of a medium size dog. This domesticated rabbit became very popular in the 16th mainly bred for meat and fur.  Flemish giants are now breed for a different purpose, they are perfect pets because of their size and gentle nature.  that’s why they got the nick name of the “gentle giant”.  They do require more attention that your regular bunny, but I am sure extra carrots and petting will do most of the trick.

12 Green Anaconda


What would you do if you are dying of thirst and in front of you is a body of water… but you would not drink form it? What would be the reason for the terrible dilemma? Coming all the way from beautiful sunny south America, the green anaconda!! This is one of the largest snakes in the world and for sure the heaviest, as heavy as a fully-grown bull!! And the length of half a school bus! The green anaconda is so feared that not even caimans or the aggressive African Cape buffalos would get near a lake where an anaconda lives.  According to my tour guide in Isla Ronda in the amazon if you see an anaconda... that is the last thing you would ever see…

11 Elephant Seal


If you see sea lions at a water park or siting at the docks and thought they were large, it turns out they are the runts of the litter.  Elephant seals are, in size, closer to an elephant than a sea lion and not nearly as friendly. Elephant seal weight in at 2 tons… an average Elephant 2 to 7 tons.  And even more impressive, males are about 10 times larger than females!! elephant seals mating rituals and territorial dominance revolves heavily around fighting. According to a recent research, each elephant seal has a rhythmic call, like a name, when males encounter each other, they will start grunting to identify themselves. The accurate identification of each other allows them to choose between flight or fight.

10 The Giraffe


With their oversized tongues, giraffes can actually lick the insides of their own ears. And, if you thought giraffes had more vertebrates that humans, then you were are wrong.  With the longest neck on this list and in the world!! They are still made up of just 7 vertebrates, but each is about 10 inches long… the length of their neck is not just for gathering leaves. It’s also the main tool used on territorial battels between males. Their second frequently used tool is their legs.  Giraffes are so powerful, that their kick is so strong it can behead a male lion. Unfortunately for their offspring, there is a 6 ft drop to the ground upon entering the world.

9 Lions Mane Jelly Fish in the northern parts of the world


If you thought the artic weather was dangerous enough, then, don’t get in the water. Where your biggest worry is not hypothermia. There are dangerous creatures the size of white sharks and just as impressive and scary.  Meet the largest jelly fish in the world and add some nasty neurotoxins that can seriously do some damage. This animal might as well come from a time before where giants ruled the world! Found in the frigid waters of the Artic and northern parts of the pacific and Atlantic oceans where the waters remain cold all year around, the lions mane looks like its name, a mass of furry looking gelatin that seems to float in a relax cadence with no hurry to get anywhere.

8 Saltie Crocs!


The sun rises in the east, and sets in the west and crocodiles know when you go swimming, I am not kidding… You thought that crocodiles could not get any more dangerous! Well in Australia they have a supersize version called “saltie”.  Their name comes from the fact that they are frequently seem swimming in the ocean and occasionally catching some waves.  They as large as a male white shark!!! That is large!  crocodiles are very astute hunters and will study their prey movements before attacking. If you are a swimmer here is a survival tip for you, behavioral studies have shown that crocodiles are great at remembering patterns of their potential prey. So, don’t go swimming at the same time every day, they will know you are coming!!

7 Giant Golden Crowned Flying Fox

Biggest Animals That Actually Exist
By jenesuisquncon - wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=54708767

Bats are not always tiny cute and come out at night. There is a large version if you see one that looks like a baby pterodactyl, it must then be the golden crowned flying fox that in the rain forests and swamps of the Philippines…. Unlike their little cousins you may see at dusk hunting mosquitoes, this fruit eating megabat has great eyesight, they don’t rely on echolocation like their smaller cousins. Scientist believe that flying foxes are more closely related to primates and humans that to smaller bats. Unfortunately, this majestic fruit bat is endangered.

6 Oh Crabs!


What if you were relaxing on a nice beach in the pacific and saw a coconut climbing back up the tree to its branch.  Its not magic, it’s a coconut crab.  The coconut crab, may not sound to you like anything bigger that a rat…!! this gigantic crab, I mean gigantic, is the largest land crab related to the hermit crab, the coconut crab also known as the palm thief seems to feel at home where coconut palms are in the pacific and indian oceans specially the Cook Islands. it weighs a lot more than a new born baby! And can climb a tree like a monkey to get to the coconuts, open them using its massive pinchers and if it wants to change diet, will even go for a hunt of small rats or birds!!!! When you travel to the Cook Islands or neighboring ones… you don’t need to run… just hide your coconuts and little pets!

5 The Majestic Vulture


Vultures may not win any beauty pageants but they do take the prize for the largest bird on the planet and the Andean condor is the largest of them all. With a wing span of about the length of a Volkswagen beetle. They are frequently found in areas where the wind is very strong. They are able to fly purely by gliding without any need for flapping their wings. Unfortunately, due to slow reproductive cycles and human destruction, the Andean condor has become an endangered species. Especially prized in S.A it’s declared the national symbol in 7 different countries.  The condor also has a fun practical day to day use for paragliders. To find the best route, paragliders watch the movements of the condors and follow their paths.

4 Bite Of The Komodo Dragon


It may look like a gigantic lumbering lizard but when it comes time for hunting. The Komodo dragon is as formidable as they come. Its best known for its imposing size and its hunting style eating up to 80% of their body weight in only 1 sitting.  It was originally thought that the bacteria-ridden bite was the danger. But It was discovered that there is a venom gland in their mouths.  The Komodo dragon inject its prey with the venom paralyzing it before engulfing it.  If you travel to Indonesia keep an eye on the largest lizard in the world, it’s not one you want to meet while relaxing at the beach.

3 Orcas!


Imagine a 25ft long prankster that ruined your fishing trip every time you went out to the sea. Now imagine that same prankster taking out a white shark that was thinking about you for dinner. Would I be your best friend of your foe? The largest member of the dolphin family, has been given the nickname of “killer whales” Orcas are known for eating everything that crosses their path. Hundreds of years ago, when whaling was widely practiced, a pod of orcas in the southern Pacific Ocean would notify whalers of the presence of baleen whales. Orcas would even assist in the capturing in exchange for food. Orcas are so smart that in many countries, it has become illegal to keep them in captivity.

2 Ostrich


Horse or camel racing, can you imagine now being the jockey on a bird race? Ostrich, The largest bird in the world! As well as the fastest. This flightless bird is so large that there are African communities who train and race the animals, just like in horse races, but ostriches can actually outrun a horse! Their legs are so powerful that instead of outrunning a lion, they just mortally kick them. And in order to deter the lions away, male ostriches roar just as loud and as strong as a lion.  There is a myth about ostriches burring their heads in the sand… but that’s wrong. When they need to turn the eggs, they lean their heads on the sand and use their beaks to rotate the eggs or to feed the chicks... so, from afar, the optical illusion created the Myth of the ostriches burying their heads!

1 The Minhocão: Real or Fake?

By Kryptid at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=44575410
By Kryptid at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=44575410

Gigantic earthworm. Imagine a gigantic earthworm that has toppled bridges, yet has never been seen some people say it’s a myth like a Fenix. Other sources describe it as a real creature that is yet to be clearly photographed like big foot, although there are several eye witness accounts that say the minhocao is the cause of several bridges and tunnel collapses. A worm/ snake like creature the size of 3 buses long, it is said to inhabit the jungles on central and south America.  Some describe it as having black skin and some even say that when the animal enters a river, it will flood the area. Scientists are baffled by this mysterious animal and suggest that its either a descendant of the titanoboa, as the name indicates, a giant snake that lived in that same region or just part of the folklore of the region.

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