Amazing Animal Friendships You Wont Believe – Animal Couples

Viral videos of snuggling animals get tons of likes, because who doesn’t like to watch a cat and dog snoozing together? Cats and dogs are pretty common friendships, but some of these animal friendships are so bizarre and unusual, they’ll leave you scratching your head. You won’t believe these amazing friendships that have formed. But are all of these funny animal couples, really friends or are they together out of convenience? Let’s find out together as we explore some of the most unbelievable and unlikely animal friendships.

14 Double Trouble


We have all experienced difficulties in our lives. In these dark times, it can be hard to see any light. Baby was a blind cow that would cry at the animal sanctuary constantly. She was lost in those dark times. The sanctuary had a plan to help her experience the light. They introduced her to a pig named Lulu. This pig also had disabilities. Lulu had her legs broken accidentally by her mother. Baby and Lulu even had similar experiences since they were both rescued from slaughterhouses. The two of them bonded almost instantly. From eating together to sleeping side-by-side, the pair was inseparable. They stayed as friends for eight years until Lulu the pig eventually crossed the rainbow bridge.

13 Mi-Lu and Her New Family


You would probably never want to separate twins of any kind. They tend to have a strong connection to one another. Unfortunately, one deer experienced this separation, but at least she gained new friends out of the experience. Mi-Lu was one of two twin deer born in captivity at a safari park in the UK. Normally, the mothers’ are very protective of their young. However, Mi-Lu’s mom hadn’t been prepared for twins and ended up rejecting her altogether. The baby did not take it well. Thankfully, two dogs at the park took the deer in. The three of them became good friends, and the dogs treated Mi-Lu as part of the family. Eventually, Mi-Lu will be reintroduced to the herd of her own species, but for now she’s enjoying her unconventional adopted family.

12 Predator and Prey Bond


In school, they taught us that predators will eat their prey; it is their natural instinct and how they survive. So naturally, when the keepers of Aochan the rat snake fed it a hamster, they expected the predator to eat the prey. That is not what happened though, to everyone’s surprise. Aochan never ate the hamster. The hamster wasn’t afraid either. Instead, it even slept on the snake. The keepers waited thinking that the snake would eventually eat the hamster, but they stayed together as companions. This is not a usual reaction from predator and prey. The hamster received the name Gohan meaning meal, and the unusual pair remained at the Tokyo Zoo for visitors to enjoy.

11 The Flying Cat

Interspecies friends

If you’ve ever owned an outdoor cat, you may have come home to a little surprise on your front porch once or twice. Your cat might have left you a little mouse or bird in front of your door to show their love and appreciation. So it might surprise you that there is a cat that is best friends with a parakeet. When the cat’s owner originally brought home the parakeet, she was afraid the cat wouldn’t tolerate the new bird. Luckily, the bird and cat get along splendidly. The cat doesn’t just tolerate the bird. They formed a close friendship which is very rare between cats and birds. However, they’re so friendly with one another that they are allowed to stay out together unsupervised.

10 Little Joy For A Sad Pup


Too many times we see dogs being mistreated or tossed out onto the streets. It’s sad to see, and we hope they have a better future. Abandoned in a parking lot, a dutch shepherd named Osiris was found and rescued. Even after being rescued, he suffered from depression. That is, until they brought home a new addition to the family. Also a rescue, Riff the rat became a new member to the family.You might suspect that Osiris would try to eat Riff or would be aggressive toward the rat, but the two wasted no time in becoming friends. Often times Riff can be seen laying on the dog’s belly. And Osiris even lets Riff go inside his mouth to clean his teeth. There has never been a worry about Osiris eating Riff; they’re best friends after all.

9 Could It Be True Friendship?


We’ve all seen those adorable viral videos of unlikely animals forming friendships. They’re cute to look at, but is it really friendship? Some scientists believe that the animals are not really friends. They are just tolerating one another and don’t mind being near the other. Sometimes one is even using the other for protection or another added benefit. Owen the hippo was 1 year old when he was brought into a wildlife sanctuary. While there, he became close to Mzee the 130-year-old tortoise. The two of them sleep and eat together. They can even communicate with nudges. As cute as these interactions are, scientists still are not sure if this bond was purely formed out of friendship and not protection. But why do things have to be seen from the human point of view? If they are happy together, and benefit each other ... who are we to judge?

8 Cat & Owl


Cats can be very fickle animals. One minute you’re happily petting a purring kitty, and the next the same kitty is done with all interactions from everyone. It’s the life of having a cat. Some cats though are constantly friendly. One cat that grew up with owls grew to be friends with one of them. Having been around owls since a kitten, the cat was used to their presence. One owl in particular though had taken up with the cat. They regularly would play games together. They even gave each other high fives and danced together. The two had a grand time with one another. Unfortunately, the cat has since passed away. Their time together was a beautiful reminder about the importance of friendship with out worrying about what species the other one is.

7 Chimp Surrogate


Not all families are related by blood. Sometimes children are adopted by loving parents. Sometimes children gain a new step-sibling through a new marriage. There are many possibilities, but the most important thing is that two people do not have to share blood relation to be family. Two white tiger cubs were separated from their mom during a flood. They needed a mother figure, and Anjana the Chimpanzee stepped up to the plate. Anjana is used to caring for animals; this time she became the surrogate mother for the tiger cubs. She helped feed the cubs everyday. The three of them lay together and cuddle. Together they make up their own functional family. Not related by blood, they are, instead, related by love.

6 Bella & Bubbles


You may have heard the phrase, “opposites attract.” People that seem to be completely different can come together and form friendships and relationships. Bubbles the elephant and Bella the labrador are two opposites that fell head over heels into friendship. One is big and slow, the other is relatively small and highly energetic. Still, somehow it works. Bubbles and Bella are close friends that spend the majority of their time playing together. Bella gets to ride on Bubbles’ back while they swim in water together and is even allowed to jump off Bubbles for some diving fun. Bubbles even knows how to throw a ball for Bella to play fetch. The unlikely pair are opposites in size, yet they somehow make it work as friends.

5 Brothers From A Different Mother


A loving family can make this world a much easier and more enjoyable place for us to live in. Some of us though, don’t have a traditional family. This beautiful story developed in Australia. Abandoned by his mom, Anzac the Kangaroo was feeling lonely, and at only five months, the kangaroo needed to be placed in a pouch. So when Anzac was placed in a pouch with Peggy the wombat, something truly magical happened. The two of them bonded with one another. Both having been sad and lonely, the two took comfort in their movements and warmth. The sound of each other’s heartbeats made their bond even closer. There is a possibility that these two will grow apart as they age. Let’s hope they get to stay best friends forever.

4 The Three Amigos


When we think of predators, we generally think of big animals stalking through the tall grass or behind trees, waiting for the perfect opportunity to close in on their prey. Aggressive and powerful in nature, you would probably never think predators of different species could get along with one another. A lion, tiger, and bear rescued from a drug house in Georgia became fast friends. The sanctuary that saved them had seen predators become friends when they were young, but usually they drifted apart as they became adults. This is not the case for our friendly trio. Even more than 10 years in, the trio likes to stay close to one another and share a habitat at the sanctuary. They groom each other, cuddle, and even play together. To this day, they remain BFFs.

3 2 Legged Dog and The Lab Chicken


Bad things happen to all of us. When the world comes crashing down, it can feel hopeless, but we need to remember that even the bad things in life can have a silver lining. For this two-legged dog and laboratory chicken, they were able to find their silver lining. The two-legged dog was found in a ditch on the brink of death. It is thought he had been tossed out from a puppy mill after being born deformed, missing two legs. The chicken was an experiment in a laboratory that was going to be terminated once the experiment had ended. Thankfully, these two sweet animals were saved from their lethal fate. When the two met, they hit it off. They are now friends that like to frolic in the snow and take walks together.

2 Duck, Duck, Dog


If you’ve ever watched a romantic comedy, you know that most of them follow pretty much a generic plot. It starts with hate. Then they get to know each other, and it ends in love. Barclay the dog and Rudey the duck have a similar story, minus the romance of course. Originally, Barclay was afraid of Rudey, and Rudey didn’t like Barclay either. Their friendship started when Barclay became a bit bolder and decided to stick around. After spending more time together, the two became close friends. They spend most of their time snuggling together for daytime naps. Now, the two are practically inseparable. Rudey even gets protective if anybody gets too close to her doggy friend.

1 Not a Fair Game


You may have nice memories of going to the zoo with your family, watching the animals in their enclosures. It can be a surreal experience to see some of your favorite animals in person. The Guilin Zoo in China though is very controversial for its notoriously poor treatment of animals. The animals there are poked and prodded to force them to do circus tricks for the audience. Some of these tricks do involve the animals working together. It may even look like they could be friends as tigers run on the backs of horses and a goat carries a monkey across a tightrope. However, it is important to know that these animals are forced into these truly tragic situations.


Whether these friendships are genuine or just there for convenience, these unlikely couples sure do make for cute pictures.

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