Amazing Animal Heroes & Rescues Around The World

From tiny chihuahuas & giant zoo gorillas, to wild dolphins & lions. Here are some stories about the most heroic animals saving lives around the world.

10 Heroes In Small Packages


When thinking of heroic pets, larger breeds of dogs come to mind, like German Shepherds Rottweilers of pit bull dogs used in the canine units of any police station and even sine Bernards being used in the Alps to carry medicine, but how about little toy breeds saving the day, in this case a 1 year old Boy was having a wonderful day, sunning and playing in the water, with a little chihuahua named Zoey, keeping an eye on him when Oliver, the sudden age rattlesnake was heading towards the little boy as the snake coiled and got ready to strike. Little Zoe jumped on interfere with the bite intended for the toddler. Thank goodness, nothing happened to either one of them. The little chihuahua became an instant hero in town.

9 King Of Savings

Animal Heroes

This incident happened in a very rural area in Ethiopia, Africa in 2005, a 12 year old girl was doing some chores near a village when a group of men kidnapped her to be taken for marriage by one of them. The girl put such a horrid fight that the men, the decided to just leave her in the middle of the Savannah. According to the girl, a group of lions scared them in a way and surrounded her until she was found and rescued. She was missing for about a week before she was returned to safety and safe. She was surrounded by such majestic critters.

8 Saved By The Calf


I am sure there have been times when you were delayed by unexpected reasons and was grateful. You did, for you were safe from getting a ticket or even getting into an accident, but how about being stopped in your tracks, not by traffic but by a massive Watusi calf? What to see cows are a large long, horn, kind of cattle. There are large bodies and almost twice as long horns are as intimidating as they can get. One day a woman in Arkansas was taken a stroll through the pastures of the Watusi refuge. She manages when an 11 month old calf stopped right in front of her preventing her from moving any further. This was a very unusual behavior and the woman try moving the massive calf by its horns: the calf not her out of balance she fell down and, while gathering herself, she noticed that right in front of where she was heading was a very poisonous Copperhead snake. Although the Copperhead snakes are not lethal to adult humans, the woman has just undergone major surgery. If not for her horn and hairy angel, she could have landed right back at the hospital.

7 Stuck On You Kind Of A Day


Have you ever been home alone and had an incident whereby thank goodness nothing happened? Like you climbed up a latter and almost felt? How about just plain eating and something getting lodged on your windpipe? I hope not. In this case, a woman named Debbie was having a relaxing evening and while eating an apple, she started choking on it. She was beating her chest trying to unblock her windpipe while her dog Toby was watching her in curiosity. As Debbie started hitting her chest harder, Toby took notice and heroically jumped on Debbie’s chest hard enough to dislodge the dangerous chunk of fruit! Thanks to this heroic Labrador, Debbie and Toby can have long relaxing walks knowing they have each other’s back!

6 Swimming In Danger


California is known for beautiful beaches, large waves and even larger sharks. One afternoon a couple of guys decided to go surfing as he was customary for them. As the beautiful day of surfing around was progressing. One of the men was laying on his surfboard ready to take the next wave when a 15-foot shark decides Musudan circle him and pin him against the surfboard. The shark unable to take a bite of the fighting man went at him for a final blow on the leg at that moment and right before, the man lost any hope of surviving a part of dolphins came to his rescue forming a protective circle around him. He finally was able to catch the wave that took him back to the shore and the first aid he desperately needed.

5 No Monkeying Around


There have been few incidents where wild animals safes humans from other animals, keeping the thread at bay, while the human heads For safety like in the earlier case with the dolphins, but how about zoo animals remember in 2016, they incident in the Cincinnati Zoo where a boy fell into the cage where a Western Lola gorilla named Harambee was many years before that sad ending. They were a couple of cases where the ending was actually very happy for all. One summer day, in 1996, a three year old boy fell in the gorilla enclosure at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois, a female named Ben tee hua. Another lowland gorilla, cradled the unconscious boy. In her arms, while having her own baby on her back and took him to the closest entrance, where the zoo keepers were able to retrieve him on an even earlier incident in 1986, at the Jersey zoo, a large male gorilla named jumbo saved a five-year-old boy. Jumbo kept the other gorillas away, while the boy cried and zookeepers then took the child to safety. Interesting how the incident years ended in six huh.

4 No Kidding Around


One summer day, a wheelchair-bound and man and his cat we're enjoying the warmth of the sunny afternoon in the driveway of his neighbor, while typing away his computer, a car drove by a moment. Later two men descended from the vehicle and approached the man and the cat in an instant one of the men grabbed the computer from the wheelchair man and, as he was about to succeed with the fact below, on skills jumped into action scratching the face of the Thief and stopping the robbery on its track. Needless to say, on skins, got an extra can of tuna that evening.

3 All My Children


During cold days. It's hard enough to forget your jacket when you have to walk across the parking lot to your car and how about just having summer-like outfit and be left in the cold night. These heartwarming rescue takes place in La Plata Argentina, south of when Osiris about ten years ago, during a particularly cold night and newborn baby was found abandoned in an alley. A walking by stray female dog heard the baby's cries and picked the baby up, taking him to a nest the dog had made for herself and her newborn babies. Neighbors, complaints of a crying baby called the attention of the police who, by midnight, had picked up the child and taken him to a nearby hospital to be examined. The doctors were amazed that the baby had survived with just minor wounds due to him being carried by the dog and indicated that, if not for the clever and extremely kind animal, the baby will have most likely not made it through the night

2 Not so Grizzly End


End when thinking of rescue wild animals may not top the list of saviours specially animals who are not accustomed to humans, like some dolphins or even zoo animals. This story is sure to give you a grizzly shake into thankful action. Amen, hiking along a river in the whisky flats in Oregon was watching from a distance, a family of grizzly bears who were enjoying the sunny day near the river. While the hiker was distracted and even more menacing animal was eyeing a hiker with greedy eyes in an instant, the hiker became the prey of a mountain lion who jumped to the attack here in the fight the grizzly bear family came to the rescue of the hiker. Fighting of the mound lion before returning to their day chores as if nothing had happened.

1 Piggyback Allowed


The heroic Loulou is not your common pet. This housebroken Vietnamese pot-bellied pig is one of the cleverest heroes of any of these stories. Here's what happened! A woman was vacationing on the North Woods of penske Pennsylvania, while alone in the house, with Lulu the lady had a heart attack Lulu, noticing the terrified woman on the floor, managed to open a door and run into a nearby road. What she did next is short of genius. The pig seen the upcoming traffic will run into the middle of the road and lay there like a street bump hoping to stop someone during failed attempts. Lulu will run back to check on the suffering. Lady Lulu was very persistent and finally was able to stop a motorist who follow Lulu home and called 911 a scene.

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