Animal-Human Hybrids Created By Science

Can you imagine a real werewolf playing the violin on the street? Could it be possible? Science and its experiments bring you strange hybrid human animals. You may think that a creature that is half human and half animal is not real. For many Slot Gacor, these mysterious beings only exist in mythology. In laboratories, the human species is already being mixed with others, creating chimeras. Scientists around the world have bet on genetic engineering and created superhumans. Inevitably, genetic radiation, toxic, or virus mutations create generic diversity in humans. But, visionaries and artists created the most complex chimeras that makes us wonder if they are real and where humanity will end up.

12 The Perfect Substitute

Weird Human Animal Hybrids
By Patricia Piccinini,

Can you imagine a newborn with ears like a small elephant? If you are imagining a baby, you are a bit wrong! What is coming is not exactly a tender infant among blankets.

A strange adult in a child's body. The sculpture of the Perfect Substitute created in 2005 by Patricia Piccinini. With the appearance of a child because of his small stature but with something like scales on his back. Also, some spots on its skin like sprinkled cinnamon. And for dessert, some bumps, chantilly cream-style, under the scales. Nothing provocative. Bald and small-handed, he hides something behind a slight smile. But what is it that he can plot?

11 Liu Xue

By Liu Xue,
By Liu Xue,

Animals. Beautiful beings that inspire fear or the sweetest tenderness. If you walk through the jungle you can meet, for example, a toucan. So colorful that you will want to capture it on your canvas. But remember that not everything is portrait-worthy. Or if? Perhaps you will exploit the great artist that you carry within you if you manage to portray what follows.

Half walrus, half human, this hybrid created by Chinese sculptor Liu Xue is challenging and disturbing. A heavy man like any other who frowns and has a small head for his big body. With seems crossed, he reveals his huge stomach and walrus legs. And even if it is half walrus, it does not get to sport whiskers or long fangs. Has a challenging attitude and is not sociable. It could be your right rival in wrestling! For now it is only a sculpture, but if it were real, make sure you have attributes to compete with him in the ring ...

10 Kate Clark's Taxidermy

By Kate Clark,
By Kate Clark,

Do you like collections? Some collect simple things like pens, jackets, or key chains. Others keep something special when they travel from city to city. Anyway ... what you collect depends on your taste. But what is the strangest thing you have thought to have in your collection? You sure thought of something, but you can't imagine collecting fur. That can be really scary!

Kate Clark. An artist with a different style. She collects animal skins that she will later turn into fabric for her trophies. Zebra, bear, elk, clay, needles and pins skins. All a dressmaker who makes bodies of animals and people. The result of her work: animal bodies with incredible human faces. So, after all, it's not that far off to see your favorite pet with any of your traits, is it?

9 The Human-Lion Hybrid

By Laira Maganuco,
By Laira Maganuco,

Going to the zoo is fun. You entertain yourself and learn without using a notebook and pencil. If you are part of the public you will see the wild animals of the place. Jaguars, lions, monkeys. Variety of definitely spectacular animals. But what you don't know is that while you are walking, your body undergoes an irreversible transformation.

So is! Your body becomes a hybrid. Half human, half lion. Thanks to your mane you will enjoy respect and admiration. You will be the biggest predator, so don't be surprised if everyone runs away from you! After all, you have to understand that two slender human legs and a huge feline jaw are intimidating. But for this wild change you need the creative eye of an artist. And if you don't go through it, you don't exist! This is how the half-human, half-lion hybrid emerged. Created by Italian artist Laira Maganuco, this silicone hybrid caused a revolution in the networks.

8 Rabbit Man Born On A Plate


Rabbits are lovely. Although they are rodents like the rat, they are not scary. Conversely. Sociable and tender like the beaver and the squirrel. They can be a very good option as a pet at home. But take a good look at its characteristics because your little friend may have something you've never seen before.

As protein on the table, the first rabbit man was born in Shanghai as the brainchild of scientists. Just as you hear it! Human cells in rabbit eggs. And the result served in a laboratory dish. Due to lack of balance, a rabbit was obtained that was more human than rabbit. Person with long pointed ears, round eyes and a tender nose. And even if you wanted to see it, it wouldn't be possible. It was mysteriously destroyed, or at least that's what is being said.

7 More Chimpanzee Than Human


It is said that the human being evolved from the chimpanzee. So the human is the improved version, or so it was believed. But a scientific event in 1967 reveals something different to us. Do you really think you are the best chimpanzee evolution?

A better version of yourself was experienced in the past. Two scientists from Shenyang worked on a chimpanzee with a brain bigger than a normal and a wider mouth. Their teeth could have been seen from every angle without effort. They impregnated a female chimpanzee with human sperm and the new creature would be called Humanzee. But everything failed due to the Cultural Revolution. How do you think the result would have been?

6 Pigs With Human Blood


Having a pig for a pet is not the same as having a dog or cat. Pigs eat and require different care. They can give you a decalogue to educate your little pig. But no one is going to tell you that you bring home a pig that shares human characteristics. Of course, it is not about having eyes or a nose. It is something you do not imagine.

In the United States, a the pig was created with human stem cells. This happened at a Minnesota clinic. A seemingly common pig. Pink skin, small eyes, ears shaped like plant leaves. But inside two different rivers. One with human blood and one with swine blood. Half human and half porcine cells. You couldn't have seen the difference unless you had a microscope. But what would have happened if you touched a little of his blood? Would you have changed families?

5 Chimera Virus


Going out fishing is a lot of fun. A fishing pole and a can of worms is all you need. But you don't always get what you want. You can catch a virus and you will have to stay home for a few days. Did you know that some strange mixes between animals and human genes could be medicine to cure that virus?

Similar to mixing orange juice with carrot juice and getting a new drink. Thus was born the chimera virus. In 2017, Portuguese researchers made the strange combination. Mouse virus with human viral gel. This particular virus helps to study the treatment of cancer caused by human herpes. Did you ever think that a virus could actually help you?

4 Human Mouse


You know that mice have always been used by science to experiment. Hence the term "laboratory mouse" is used. What you don't know is that a mouse can be the main donor in your next surgery.

You haven't lost your mind! If you need a pancreas, Hiromitsu Nakauchi and a rat or mouse will help you. This Japanese scientist has a plan. Insert human stem cells into these rodents to obtain a human pancreas. So even if they don't sell pancreas in pharmacies, the solution may be on the way. Finally, there is nothing wrong with saving your life by being a bit of a rat.

3 Aswang

You look at the sky and find hidden shapes. You can see umbrellas, animals, or even letters. What a barbarian! Everything that your brain is capable of providing you. But is it all the result of your imagination? Open your eyes wide because it may be that you are living with animals that look like humans and vice versa.

Aswang. A Filipino monster that is human in daylight but is the most unpredictable and terrifying animal at night. You wake up in the morning and you see Mom making breakfast. Eggs and delicious chocolate. At nightfall, a strange disheveled lion with snake teeth and bear claws hides in the kitchen. But well dressed in a cool T-shirt in case the night is hot. Be careful with your dinner! You can have corpse meat. And with a single bite an Aswang you too will be.

2 Mermaid


Did you know that the mermaid is the daughter of shame? Out of shame you do many things and stop doing so many. You want to color your hair, scream in the street or go out in your pajamas. Sorrow does not leave you. There are beings who did not choose the penalty but had to carry it like a party dress.

Atargatis. Goddess from a legend of ancient Assyria. She accidentally killed her human lover and thus ended up being a mermaid. Half woman and half fish. After a somewhat pronounced waist, legs emerge that end without feet but with a fish tail. This is strange and fascinating at the same time. So much emotion generates that many stories and tales of fantastic love have been built around mermaids. Christopher Columbus and the writer Hans Christian Andersen spoke of them in theirs. So if you've already lived your own story, it's time to tell it.

Mermaids have long been talked about. Some claim to have seen them. Others tell a love story with them. Jesuit priests of the 17th century and historians such as Pliny the Elder mention them. The truth is that in the legends its existence is real. So they were in ancient Greek stories. Dangerous because of their beautiful song, they attracted sailors and drove them mad. Many died of drowning because of it, except one. The famous Ulysses. Do not join the list and pay attention on your next trip because you do not know what you can find or hear.

1 Sphinx


Monuments. Pieces that activate your memory like a puzzle. Of course they are much more than that! Behind a monument there are hidden events from the past or great characters from history. You could be the star of one, but you don't want to immortalize yourself as a strange half-human, half-animal creature, do you?

The Sphinx. Monument of a creature with the head of a human and the body of a lion. Other times shown with the tail of a serpent and the body of an eagle. Dangerous but very famous like your Hollywood characters. No matter where it appears, it asks humans questions and devours them by answering wrongly. But it's no use getting it right. The only thing you will achieve is to take the place of Oedipus and suffer for the rest of your life.


We do not really know how many hybrids exist in the world. But now it is more than clear that they are as varied as people's curiosity and ingenuity. Some will remain forever in mythology but will have vacations to come to the real world from time to time. Others will continue to be created by science or leisure. Perhaps in your free time you can even turn your house into your own laboratory and personalize it with your best style.

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