Animals Heroes Save Other Animals

Not all heroes wear capes; some, in fact, have tails. Animal heroes are a real thing, and they’re not always saving themselves or their own species. Sometimes animals save other animals. Their amazing true stories will have you bewildered at how these courageous creatures assist to animal rescue. Come take a journey with me to find out about the unbelievable animals saving other animals.

13 Hippo Saves The Day


If you’ve ever dipped your feet into the cold waters of a river, you probably felt the current pulling at your ankles. When the current picked up strength, all you had to do was step back onto the river banks back to safety. During the migratory season in Tanzania, Wildebeests and Zebras have to cross the Mara River as part of their migration. The strong current of the river makes it a difficult task for these animals. A Hippo spotted a wildebeest drowning in the river, and decided to come to the rescue. By nudging the animal through the water, the wildebeest made it to safety. But the Hippo didn’t stop there. After noticing a Zebra foal stranded on a rock, the Hippo came back. Again by nudging, the foal too made it to safety.

12 Man’s Best Friend?


You may have noticed that man’s best friend is more than just a pet. Some are guide dogs helping those with disabilities. Others assist police officers and soldiers. And some dogs have the ability to rescue humans and animals. Deemed unfit for being a household pet, Bear, a border collie now saves Koalas. During the devastating wildfires of New South Wales, Australia, his job was to rescue as many koalas as possible. To do this, he was trained to recognize their scent from samples of their fur and feces. Suited up with protective socks, the dog went out and saved the day for many koalas. The dog that wasn’t good enough for his previous owner is now a bonafide hero to the Koalas of Australia.

11 Dolphin To The Rescue


Often times, we see people who are in need of help, and we give them advice hoping to make a difference. We want to help them, but because we’re outsiders to the situation, they’re slow to trust. Instead, a friendly face can be a better help to the person in need. That’s exactly what happened with whales off the coast of New Zealand. The whales had beached themselves on the shore. In great distress, the coast guard tried to get them back out to the open sea. The whales were confused and afraid of the entire situation. Even after an hour and a half, there wasn’t much progress. Here is where our hero enters. Moko the dolphin, a familiar face to the whales. Moko led the distressed whales out to sea, and they followed within minutes. Thankfully, the dolphin saved the whales. Sometimes friends are the best heroes.

10 Monkey Saves Monkey


From a young age, we are told to stay away from the train tracks; they are a truly dangerous place to be. If a train suddenly comes down the tracks, the brakes will undoubtedly be too late or something else could go wrong. But monkeys have not learned about the dangers of train tracks. One unlucky monkey was unconscious on the train tracks in India after being electrocuted by the tracks. Monkeys are known to cooperate with other animals; they often adopt dogs for protection and kittens for pets. So it’s no surprise that a nearby monkey came over and did everything it could to save its fellow monkey friend. It tried a patting technique to resuscitate the other monkey. Eventually, it dragged the other monkey off the tracks to some water. Twenty minutes later, crowds of people cheered for the saved monkey and its monkey hero.

9 Saving Orangutan


If you’ve ever been to the zoo, you know just how magical it can be to watch animals living in their day-to-day lives. There is so much for us to learn about the animals of the world and zoos are a peak into their lives. However, you probably wouldn’t expect to see an orangutan save a bird at your typical zoo visit. At the Dublin Zoo, an orangutan noticed a coot chick in distress. Most thought the orangutan was walking over due to curiosity since they’re known for their curious nature. It soon became evident though that the Orangutan had more in mind. It picked up the bird of the water and brought it to safety. It even did a full inspection of the bird after saving it.

8 Water Buffalo VS. Lion


You have probably heard the old saying, “there’s power in numbers.” That’s why large-scale protests can have an immense impact. And that’s also why water buffalo stick together in a herd. Usually, their herd mentality keeps predators from encroaching on them, but sometimes it won’t stop them from being chased down. When a pride of lions rushed a herd of water buffalo, they all ran to get away. One calf was left behind in the chaos. Instead of leaving the calf to fend for itself, an adult water buffalo from the herd headed over to help. With its big body and intimidating movements, the lions backed off and the calf survived. The rest of the herd joined in afterwards, making all of the lions flee. Truly, the power is in numbers.

7 Unusual Team


Group projects have a bit of an infamous reputation. Teachers assign us these projects to teach us teamwork, but they usually end in a hot mess. When they do work out though, it becomes much easier to accomplish our goals. When an elephant calf got stuck in a fence in India, humans worked together with the elephant mom in their own group project to rescue the calf. The mother tried for nearly half a day to get her calf free, but she was unintentionally making the situation worse. Locals led her away, while they removed the extra sand around the calf. After the mother came back, she easily pulled her calf out from the fence. Luckily, their group rescue worked out well.

6 Elk In The Deep


When you go swimming at the beach, you take comfort in knowing that if you’re in danger, a lifeguard is watching out for you from the shores. If anything bad were to happen, the lifeguard would come down from the lifeguard stand, and do everything to bring you back to shore. Not all lifeguards seem to be humans though. They may not have a fancy whistle, but animals can be lifeguards too. A thirsty elk went to get a drink from the water barrel in his pasture when he noticed something really wrong.  A small marmot drowning in the water. The elk, just like a heroic lifeguard, came to the drowning little animal’s rescue by lifting it out of the water. A moment’s help from the elk saved the marmot from a very tragic end.

5 Giants To The Rescue Of The Small


Bad days don’t always start off bad. Sometimes they start off completely normal, when a sudden misfortune strikes. A baby monkey was playing in the trees, when out of nowhere a leopard came to hunt the baby. The baby tried to get away, but was ultimately captured by the large feline. The mother, an onlooker to the attack, screamed for help unable to get to her baby herself. It was these screams that caused the elephant to step in and save the baby monkey from the clutches of the leopard. The sheer size and loud sound of the elephant was enough to spook the leopard. It ran off, and the baby received a happy reunion from its mom. Luckily, this monkey’s day ended on a good note.

4 Croc’s Bad Day


You may have seen this picture floating around all over the internet of an animal riding the back of a crocodile, but it’s common for animals such as turtles and frogs to use the crocodile as transportation. While they ride on the back, they are protected from the crocodile’s vicious bite. The wildebeest drinking the water from this river, however, is not protected while it stands idly by the edge of the water. The crocodile tries to snap up the wildebeest by grabbing on to its tail. Seeing the wildebeest in distress, two hippos decided to take action. They gang up on the crocodile, forcing it to let go of the wildebeest. Officially saved by the hippos, the wildebeest goes about its day.

3 No Horsing Around


Turn on the news and you’ll see that our planet continually gets hit with a barrage of natural disasters that greatly impacts our environment and our lives. When wildfires burn up our communities, it takes all of our resources to save lives and get things back to normal. We usually think of the impact the fire has on humans, But humans are not the only victims to wildfires. Animals are victims too. The wildfires devastating southern California displaced people and animals alike. As rescuers tried their best to save the horses, during the fire, one horse knew more were in trouble. Just as the horse was about to get into the trailer, it ran away from the rescuers back into the flames to save two more horses in the fire.

2 Baboon Vs. Leopard, What’s The prize?

animal hero

Have you ever been face-to-face with danger, not knowing what would happen next? Maybe your hands got all sweaty in anxiety or your heart beat a mile per minute thinking that this danger would determine your fate. Well, this impala was quite literally in the face of danger, staring into its predator’s eyes. A leopard had the impala in its jaws, obviously wanting the animal as its dinner. Poised and ready, the leopard was prepared to deliver the final blow when a couple of baboons came to the rescue. They scared off the leopard with their screams and attacks and saved the impala. The leopard would have to look somewhere else for its next meal. Hopefully, the impala never came face-to-face with a predator again.

1 Rescue Service With Wings?


When you think about birds, you probably think of their graceful wings quickly fluttering as they soar through the air. Their fragile bodies seem too small to really help rescue another animal. It’s possible though that a woodpecker in Britain saved the life of a weasel. How? It’s unclear if the weasel was struggling, but a couple watching the interaction said to have heard distressing sounds. The woodpecker appeared to be hopping around awkwardly and acting strangely, but in a brief, unexpected moment the bird took flight. On the woodpecker’s back was the weasel clinging on. When the bird landed, the two animals went their separate ways. So was it a rescue mission? Was the woodpecker a hero? Or perhaps a victim of the weasel who wanted it for diner? You be the judge.


These heroes deserve a round of applause. So, let’s give it up for all of the animal heroes out there working to save other animals.

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