Undiscovered Argentina: Best Things You Want To Know

Argentina the undiscovered and unique sides you probably didn’t know. Best known for red wine and cuts of meat while watching couples dance tango in the streets of Bueno Aires. But It’s so much more, here are the most bizarre, beautiful and unexpected things about Argentina you want to know.

11 It’s Not Pepsi!


This one may sound funny to you but the marketing department for Pepsi in Argentina had to make a name change after about 1/4th of the population keep referring to Pepsi as Pecsi. In 2009, they wanted to increase sales and connect further with the culture. It became cool and fun to mispronounce the word even on higher class neighborhoods. As you can imagine, the sales roared incredibly! Their slogan “ drink Pecsi you will save, drink Pepsi, you will save as well!

10 Fingerprinting Records


We love watching police shows. It’s fascinating how the investigators can gather data from small things that may seem insignificant to the untrained eye. And the most common practice in any of those shows is fingerprinting to identify the culprit. And you may think it all started in the US. Actually, it all began in Argentina. It was the first country in the world to use, as the primary form of criminal record identification, fingerprinting!

9 Colonizing Poles: Pregnant & Almost Frozen


Antarctica does not seen like the place to raise a family but it would be a nice chuck of land to own. There was a treaty in the late 50s blocking any one country from owning the winter wonderland. But Argentina had other ideas, in 1977 Silvia Morello de Palma was sent to have her baby. Emilio was the first person to be born in Antarctica. After this momentous event, Argentina passed a law banning any maps of the country without Antarctica on them. Chile went even further sending married couples to colonize the region, and the baby boom began!

8 The President’s Godchild Superstition


Movies and old book preserve the idea of the lucky 7th son. In olden European folklore, a true 7th son is one who is born after 6 brothers, with no sisters born in between, from a father who is also a 7th son. He would have special powers to heal diseases and foretell the future. But Argentina definitely has a twist in the story. The 7th son would automatically become the Godson of the president in order to prevent him from turning into a werewolf!

7 The Soccer Curse


Another bizarre superstition that was actually recorded as being true was the curse put on the Racing Club’s stadium by rivals. In 1967, the Independiente rivals broke into stadium “El Cilindro” and buried 7 black cats. Since that year until the stadium was remodeled in 2001 the Racing had a loosing streak. At last! With the stadium remodeled and the last cat found, they rose to stardom and won the league trophy! It took them 34 years to find all the cats! What do you think happened to the perpetrators?

6 Tango, Wine, Red Meat = Argentina

Argentina: Best Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Tango, Wine, Red Meats. Argentina is very well known for delightful vineyards and the cattle ranch industry placing Argentina at the top of exports of those goods. When you go to Buenos Aires, you will be mesmerized by the musical rhythm of tango played and danced as you enjoy the best meats and wines in the world. Tango is such important part of the culture that there is an ordinance demanding D.Js play as many tango songs as all other types of music combined! So, after dinner, head to the dance floor and tango your way to happiness!

5 The Mystery Of The 500 Year-old Children


In 1999 explores for national geographic made the discovery of the century.   Atop the Llullaillaco mountain, near Chile, Incas inhabited the vast region; three children were found known as the Mummies of Llullaillaco or “the children”. Perfectly preserved, their facial expressions, hair and skin looks as if they had just fallen asleep. In 1500’s the Inca ritual Capacocha chose children who were beautiful and in perfect health, it was an honor to be chosen to freeze and transcend to the spirit world to watch over the Inca nation and the mountains with the ancestors by their side.

4 Natural Wonders


You will need to take more than a month to discover the beautiful Argentina, from the pampas plains, Patagonia glaciers, the Andes and Atacama Desert as well as… countless more wonderlands. One natural wonder in particular seems to bring heaven and earth together. The most massive and spectacular water fall can be found in the border of Argentina and brazil. The Iguazu falls. The huge record-breaking rivers that seem to have an endless fall, makes this subtropical forest feel like it came from the movie Avatar. Due to its unique landscape, the biodiversity of the region is second to none!

3 Mrs. First Lady President

By Unknown author - General Archive of the Nation, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=67121956
By Unknown author - General Archive of the Nation, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=67121956

Hillary Clinton in 2016 made history by running for president after she was first lady. But Argentina, did have its first lady and president. Isabel Peron. In 1974 she was vice president to her husband Juan Peron. After his passing, Isabel Martinez de Peron became president of Argentina and the first lady to do so in the world. Juan Peron was surrounded by strong women, he had 3 wives, you may have heard of his late 2nd wife Eva. Andrew Loyd Webber composed the musical “Evita” in honor of the actress and social activist Eva Peron! Decades later, Madonna interpreted her life in the movie Evita. I bet you are singing “Don’t cry for me Argentina” right now.

2 Animal Rights


There are many countries now who have implemented laws to protect and give rights to animals. Austria and Switzerland being at the top of the list. Argentina is getting there! Sandra the orangutan at the already closed down zoo in Buenos Aires was given “non-human persons” rights in 2014. Sandra was to be sent to a refuge abroad, released to the wild or provided better accommodations. The 33-year-old Sandra is still waiting to see what would be the best future for her.

1 Bizarre Sideroad Attractions

By Mariano - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=265811
By Mariano - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=265811

Traveling through Argentina is an adventure, not only would you enjoy the different cities and towns but as you travel see if you can add these to your itinerary. Dating back over 10,000 years, in an isolated spot in Patagonia you will encounter the “cave of hands” where hundreds of stenciled hands and ancient wall art depicts the daily lives of the Tehuelche people. This site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. If you rather explore the possibly “supernatural”, a recent discovery of the “Eye” island in the Parana river delta is raising questions of alien activity due to its perfectly circular shape and the unusually colder water temperature surrounding the area. Last but not least, there is a statue that apparently can cure illnesses near San Juan province in western Argentina. The “difunta Correa “or “the deceased Correa” was a new mother in the mid-1800s who after passing away in the desert, her child was found feeding on her mother seemingly endless milk.



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