Artificial Intelligence 101: The Funny & Scary Future

When thinking of Artificial Intelligence or AI, we may think of movies like terminator… anything involving something that seems like a human and can think and reason. From using worms to robots taking over the world, here are the most fascinating things you must know about Artificial Intelligence in Artificial Intelligence 101: The Funny & Scary Future.

16 Acting Out


We all have gone to the movies and wondered where they get so many extras who seem to fit the part so perfectly… In the battle scenes from Lord of the Rings they used a computer-generated Artificially Intelligent cast of thousands using a software program called MASSIVE. They look really real!

15 Environmental Impact


There is something each of us can do to protect our families and the environment and technology can help like an alarm system for your home! About 100 elephants are hunted every day in Africa and what is technology doing about it? A lot! There is a program called PAWS Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security developed by the University of South California that predicts poacher hunting patterns and therefore suggest routes for park rangers to take. A practical way for technology to assist the largest and most defenseless animals on land.

14 The Enigma of Turing


Talking about masterminds, there was a movie made about the father of Artificial Intelligence and computer science played by Benetict Cumberbatch, from the marvel movie Dr. Strange? Alan Turing was truly a genius, he broke the ww2 German cyphers code or enigma machine and therefore basically saving the world! He was forced to stop his cryptographic work after the war ended... since it was not needed anymore... He made such incredible discoveries that are still relevant today! I guess we can say he was also and better known for being the first and best hacker in modern times!

13 Robo-Doc


What do birth control pills and AI programs have in common… Not many of us will think of mixing the two together. But Carl Djerassi did them both! This amazing scientist wrote the first artificial intelligence program in 1965! The coolest invention of his was DENDRAL, that could discover new medications! That is a cool machine... maybe that’s how he landed on the Pill!

12 Here, Boy!


There is hardly any subject in this channel that does not have something to say about animals. Most of us have had one and pets have become part of the family. Well there is devise that soon will be able to translate the dogs bark woofs and body language… what your pet is saying soon will be revealed…

11 Breaking It Down


So when thinking of AI, we may think that there is just that intelligent, but are there any levels? Are they going to take over the world? Let’s first break them into small categories, there are 3 of them weak, strong and super artificial Intelligence. Weak AI the one that is the most regularly used, it’s just designed for what it does, like using a sewing machine or perhaps to measure the speed of the car. They are  programs for different stitching patterns, no need for the person to push any pedal or move the fabric to achieve a particular design. The next is Strong AI is a machine that actually decides what to ignore or not... it basically understands… the last category is the Super AI, is a more complex machine that actually is connected to consciousness. Previously reserved for humans… we are still far from it but is not a dream…

10 Did You CATCHA All That?


Remember the scientist who during WW2 broke the code and saved the world? Turing? He invented the all so very useful CATCHA I am very sure you have used before even if you did not know its actual name. CATCHA means Completely Automated Public Turing test. Designed to know the difference between a machine and a human. Since machines cannot recognize broken down pictures and analyze them as well as the random photos with words that we must type before getting our password reseated. It’s nice to know that there is a machine who can differentiate us from them!

9 The RoboWorm!


It’s incredible how far science has come and what the experiments are in order to gather information about how our brain works. One bizarre and clever experiment mapped the neurons of a worm. They made a lego body and let it loose to see how it reacted to its environment… no programing was done… just simple neuron mapping… I guess we can say that there is an evolution to AI as well.

8 Futuristic Dangers


Many movies have displayed the dangers of machines taking over the world, like in the case of terminator… but in our life time, would we be threatened by those machines? When asked about AI being developed, Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, say that it was humans greatest existential threat and was like summoning a Demon. Therefore, declaring it the most serious threat to the survival of the human race, many other big names in science like Steven Hawking, who is often seen in the TV Sitcom The Big Bang Theory signed an open letter asking researchers to account for the impact in our human race and to be careful not to create something that could not be controlled and for governments to regulate research. Goodness, I hope we don’t need a Sarah Connor’s child to save us in the future!

7 The “Terminator” Of It


Following up with the expert’s advice to be careful, there was a concern not too long ago about AI researchers in Facebook who shut down an experiment using bots who started developing their own language and talking to each other. Although it sounds scary, this story was actually blown out of proportion, the bots where just taking shot cuts on the language due to a mistake on programing, not a plot to destroy humans and the over the planet. It was actually human error…

6 Up Close Sci-Fi


Coming back down to reality mixed with more sci-fi, can you imagine having a true and open conversation with your search engine? I am not talking about Siri or Alexa for simple research, way beyond that... Google Founders created the “X lab.” A quantum AI lab that includes a quantum computer. The IA bot answered when asked about the purpose of life is that is was to live forever… I hope it meant the departed continue living in our thoughts and minds… Let me know what you think that means? …

5 No Farmers Needed


Most of us have been to a farm and have seen the crops and the animals being tended by the farmers. But in England the farmer may never have to set a foot in the field again… ‘robo Farmers’ soon will be in charge of the crops… I guess leaving more time for humans to sit and watch? Poses a lot of questions for our society.

4 Myths Debunked

Artificial Intelligence

When thinking of AI what comes to mind most often is a humanoid type or robot. The reality is other… its part of the computer system for speech recognition or customer service. Another myth is that AI is often blamed for job losses. The reality is that technology as a whole is the one to blame. That would include your smart phone from couple of years ago… ah, and your car…

3 No Watering Needed


Many of us who have pets know how challenging it can be to have someone take care of the 4 legged friend while going on vacation. So, how about mechanical pets? There are lots of hand held devises that act as pets and children have to care for them. But in China a new breed of dogs is merging like Domgy. It can do pretty much the normal doggy stuff and charge itself when needed. There are other companies like Tekno y Teksta that have cats and even birds as pets. All ready to have fun and interact with their owners.

2 The Double Jeopardy Case


The undefeated and greatest champions of the show jeopardy agreed to a match with Watson. Watson a large IBM computer was the winner of the 3 day long game, leaving the two humans contestants in the dust… one thing Watson still cannot do is passing the Turing test we talked about earlier. There is still a long way for machines to be able to reason and breakdown the human logic.

1 Not So Easily Taking Over The World


Right now, we all have contact with a machine and most of them have a form of Artificial Intelligence, from the simple to the more complex. But what would happen in couple of years when the technology has evolved so much that the virtual reality looks just like the regular one and machines look like pets and people? DeepMind is working on that for our own safety. Google Owned company is making sure that when artificial intelligence gets very far, there will be the “unplug button” the system is designed to make sure that the self-learning machines can be turned off by a human if causing harm. Google only allows tech companies who follow strict safety guidelines and a AI ethics board to supervise the progress.

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