11 Candies & Snacks You Will Never Want To Eat Ever Again

Oh candies are so sweet and Delicious... until you know what they are made of, from gummy bears to Tostitos, here are the candies and snacks that once you know what they are made of, you will not want to eat them ever again!

11 Chewing You Away


Nothing more delicious after eating a garlic and onion based meal than to pop a minty flavored gum… so far, nothing wrong with it, it may actually improve your social life no? here is the kicker, it’s not the gum that is the problem, it’s how we use it in excess, when the stomach is empty and you have developed a chewing gum habit, like a cow chewing all day, the stomach produces gastric juices intended to be released right before food gets to it. But since nothing arrives to the stomach, all those digestive juices start breaking down the stomach walls and creating mayhem in your belly, not just simple stomach cramps in the long run since the gastric ulcers are going to be part of the list of problems, but wait, there is more… the sorbitol found in all gums can give you the runs… Yeah... all in moderation with this one!

10 What CAN you eat?


I am sure you have walked down the grocery isle and have encounter these delicious tubes filled with crispy goodness. Pringles have so many flavors that it’s the best snack for camping or on a road trip. Couple of years ago they had trivia questions that made them even more irresistible that other chips. But do you know how they are actually made? When thinking of pringles, we think of potatoes... as the number one ingredient but you are wrong… Due to taxation on luxury foods in England, pringles started using more creative ways to have the crispy goodness at a good price, with so many flavors to choose from, who really knows what the base flavor and ingredients are? You will be surprised to find out that number one ingredient is Rice, then corn... and far down the list, potatoes… That’s not such a problem, they taste good so who cares... but the more menacing problem lies in the overheating of the ingredients to reach the flavor and consistency desired. Acrylamide, it’s a cancer-causing chemical created when overheating carbohydrate-rich foods, and sadly, found in all fried chips... as well as baked. On an interesting note, the creator of pringles actually got cremated and buried in a can of Pringles! I guess there are many more uses to the cans than we thought…

9 The Kinder Egg


This delightful and creamy chocolate goodness makes the list of criminals that can really cause some harm… here is why. Besides the fact that the eggs are filled with lots of sugar and can make you obese, nothing surprising there, the eggs are filled with a surprise! The surprise is the culprit! Many children, while eating the kinder eggs have actually choked on the egg from trying to swallow it whole… and yes, the little surprise is also a choking hazard… in an even more menacing turn of events, if you are found packing one of these deadly eggs in the United states, you can be fined up to 1,200 per piece!

8 Lazy Me A Cake


Usually after a big meal specially in thanks giving when the turkey is the main course, you may feel like you want to take a nap… but how about a cake that can do the same? In the 90s there was a brownie that all family members loved but specially the parents. After eating the Lazy Cake, as the name indicates, the children who ate them, where quieter and perhaps sleepier… it was found that the Lazy Cakes had Melatonin, that can induce sleepiness but if misused it can induce a coma! So for a while the Lazy cakes where actually illegal to sell until few years ago when it was labeled to be consumed only by 18 year old’s and up… those may actually be a great snack for dinner… Nice and relaxing evening ahead…

7 The Yellow Finger Effect


One of the best things to have at a party are the snacks, some finger foods, chips and yes, Cheetos and Tostitos with a dip and salsa. The later are unique in color and are finger liking good… here is their secret, Tostitos does not need to stain your hands to be so delicious but as part of the experience, the Fritolay company decided to leave the staining goodness as part of the adventure of eating them, same thing with Cheetos. One good thing about Cheetos and Tostitos is that if you need to start a fire, you got some fire starter tools at your fingertips... yes, Cheetos and Tostitos are known to be flammable, I guess that’s a good thing if you are stranded in an island and need to warm up. Here is the reason why both of them catch of fire. One of the flavoring ingredients found is monosodium glutamate. We have heard of it in many Chinese restaurants advertising that there is none in their foods the reason is because Monosodium glutamate is a derivate of petroleum… quite flammable! So now you have a tip if you are going camping and want to do two things at once, have a snack and start the bonfire!

6 Bear Hug!

Candies & Snacks You Will Never Want To Eat Ever Again.

One of the best childhood candies have been the gummy bears, their little bear shaped goodness is filled with flavor, the best part is biting them and the texture being so chewy and gooey at the same time. Some people like to add them to drinks so to flavor them in different ways and intensities. But have you ever asked yourself what makes their texture so wonderful and how they don’t melt at all unless in extreme heat? The secret is in the bones… yes, at the butcher shop they discard the bones and tendons of cows, pigs... and we hope that’s about it... but don’t be surprised if some horses make it to the mix…. Sorry… after cutting all the meat off of the bones, skin and tendons, what’s left is thrown in a gigantic pot to let them boil, the mixture left is then dried and pulverized, this is gelatin. The process then continues with some flavorings and colorings... and that’s it. But let’s be very clear, although the process to make the gelatin that makes the gummy bears sound really nasty, gelatin is actually really good for you, it has no cholesterol at all and its filled with amino acids and other healthy things that are great for the skin, hair and nails… Now is up to you to decide.

5 Somewhere Not Over The Rainbow


When thinking of delicious candies, we have to consider their attractiveness, the bright colors that just make our mouth watery… like the lemon skittles or the red ones that taste like strawberries or cherry… Yum! But as the red means stop, you may want to do the same with these little red monsters… but why is there such a big deal? It may bug you to know where the red number 4 or Carmine used in pretty much red food comes from… it comes from bugs… yeah, the red is taken from crushed red bugs, according to science, it may be the best and most natural way to find red dye for foods... so next time don’t let the red bugs bite, just bite them back…

4 Gelatin Capsules


These tiny and delicious capsules as the name indicates are made of gelatin, so they should be very healthy for you right? But the problem does not lie in the nutritional value but they have a dangerous side, the little individually packaged gelatin shots are large enough to satisfy a sweet tooth but the shape of it is deceivingly dangerous. The capsules have been prohibited in the United states, Europe, Colombia and couple other countries and here is why. When pressing the bottom of the capsule to release it from the plastic container, the gooey sweetness can shoot so fast and lodge in the wind pipe creating a choking hazard specially among children.

3 Crack a Lollipops!


Nothing more convenient as a kid than to have a candy on a stick. Lollipops have been in the cabinets of millions of homes for many, many decades… I am sure you have a memory of a Sunday afternoon having fun with your friends and having a lollipop while telling stories. Now, not all lollipops fit into the category of candy you should never have again but in this case, the reason why some do fit is because of the high amounts of salt and citric acid that can irritate our tongues, the hard candy can even scrape and cut it… but the kicker comes from the lollipops that are very acidic or sour as well as the lollipops with chilly more commonly found in Mexico so next time you have a lollipop, keep an eye on the how your mouth specially the tong feels while eating it. But I know, many have gum and that’s the best part…

2 Spread Me Sour…


One of the most popular chocolate spreads is Nutella, its creamy hazelnut goodness has been in many kids lunchboxes for ages. Nutella is made mainly of sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts and chocolate as well as other flavors to make it what we know and love. But why did it make the list? Well besides knowing that sugar lowers your immune system. The palm oil is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and more... but here is the worst part, it may not affect you personally but palm oil over production and farming in the tropical islands of Borneo Sumatra and Indonesia, all in the Pacific Ocean, are destroying the Orangutan habitat. Don’t think that only Nutella uses palm oil it can be found in anything from soap to ice-cream, cookies and more… there are many campaigns promoting alternative products designed to bring us delicious goodness without destroying the Orangutan and other Specie’s habitat. It may be worth your time to see what else is possible!

1 Flavor… Naturally


I am sorry I have to break this to you but natural flavors... although natural, some of them have very dark pasts... if you are like many who loves ice cream, specially the vanilla, strawberry and cherry you may be in for a surprise… in order to make the flavors be as delicious as they are the main ingredient is castorium... sound organic right… keep listening to this one. Castorium comes from the urine secretions and the anal glands of the beavers... Sorry I told you it came from dark places… the United States Food and drug Administration approves it as natural flavor... that’s all I have to say about it….

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