Cat & Kittens: Life Hacks, Tips, Tricks & DIY Toys!

Cats, if you own one, or even babysit a cat on occasion, you probably appreciate some tips and tricks to make your life easier. We’ve all heard about DIY and human life hacks… These are cat life hacks! From Do It Yourself toys to kitty clean up, here are the best things every cat owner… or cat sitter should know.

17 Critter Control!


You leave some food out for your furry friend but not few minutes have passed and the food is being carried away by ants! The best solution is to use chalk! Draw a circle around your cat’s bowl and see the ants begging for some crumbs far away from the bowl.

16 DIY Toys #1


Your cat is a hunter by nature! Cats love to have a challenge and what easier way than with an old plastic container? Simply open some holes and drop some toys in, and maybe even some treats to motivate the cat to play with. Once you make the holes, remember to burn the edges using a lighter so your cat doesn’t hurt their paws with any jagged edges. Watch and see what happens! It may be more fun than watching tv!

15 Hidden “Treasure”


Littler boxes are a pain to hide specially if you live in a small apartment or home.  There are some expensive tables with openings for your cat to enter and with hinges to open the door to clean up kitty’s mess. Some can be very expensive and you may have the solution closer at hand and for a fraction of the price. So, the simplest solution is to hide fluffy’s litter box inside a chest or a cabinet, just remove one side or use hinges to be able to clean the box. Get creative and have fun! It’s all about the décor... and of course fluffy!

14 Make Them Use Their Use Your Own Sand!


Kitty sometimes likes to explore… okay, all the time and your plants may end up paying the price… One fantastic solution to make sure kitty stays away from digging your potted plants and even “GO” a step further is by placing pine cones! Not a Christmas decoration anymore! But also a cool way to protect your greenery.

13 Working Assistant


A cat walking all over your key board is a very common experience if you have cats at home, I am sure you have a story or 2 of your work document being deleted by accident due to a misplaced paw! Anyway, one easy was to protect your workspace from kitty is by making a space she will be happy to use. Simply grab a cardboard lid, it could be from a game or a file box, add a little blankie or cushion and that’s it, kitty will be happy being near you but in her own space. I use this for our mascot, she loves it too.

12 Lactose Intolerance


We have seen so many movies where they give kitty milk… we may even think it’s a great idea but did you know most cats are actually lactose intolerant? You really don’t want your cat giving you a thank you, you will have to deep clean.  One thing most cats do love and its fun for them is running water, so maybe change the milk for a little bit of fun, let us know what your cat thinks!

11 Play The I Love You Game


Playing with your cat is fun, she likes to chase the toys and runs around doing acrobatics... it gives you countless hours of fun! And how do you know if your cat loves you? When a cat is relaxed and content, the eyes become softer. If your cat is looking at you and blinks slowly... your cat loves you. Return the love with slow blinks as well.

10 Hair No More


This one is a life saver as well as a super money saver. Silicone hair remover for furniture or any other brush can cost a lot of money but you already have what you need to remove the sticky hairs of your furniture! Just grab your rubber gloves for cleaning and assisted by a little spray water bottle, run your hands over the sofa after a little water spray and see the hair come off as if by magic!

9 Organic Odor Control


Green tea, not only used for drinks but also for creams and now for your cat’s littler box. Simply sprinkle some green tea on the litter box, it will help reduce bacteria growth that causes the odors we all dislike. Other odor suppressors is baking soda. Let us know which one worked better for you!

8 Longer Shelf Life/Food Safety


If you have a cat and a dog, then you know that there are times where you need to keep them away from each other specially during dinner times when your dog may try to steal kitty’s food! One way would be to feed the cat on your kitchen counter… but if your dog is agile... well, you may need to go higher! better way would be by building shelves that serve not only as perches for the kitty to stay away from the dog but also for feeding. Kitty’s food will be safe and so would be the cat from getting stressed out! Win-win for everyone!

7 Protect Your Furniture!


Almost half of all pets have caused some damage to the furniture. It seems like cats just have the mitts for it! If you love the furniture and your cat, adorn the piece with some twine. Wrap the legs of that table kitty is so fond of and enjoy your new design and see how kitty reacts to it. If you really don’t want kitty to destroy it, then use a double-sided tape… Be careful, the tape may be the one that ends up ruining your piece!

6 Unique Scratching Pads


Carpets, some are so soft yet others feel like they can rip your skin off if you sit too hard on them. And since we all like different textures, kitty does too. To save money and time, go to a carpet store and ask them to give you carpet samples, the best ones are the coarse texture, short and twisted for your kitty scratch all the tension away. Glue al the carpet pieces into a piece of wood, a higher up shelf or anywhere that works for you!

5 Make Room For Kitty

Cats: Life Hacks

Who needs book ends when you have cats?! Cats love to climb and would love to sit and watch every movement the family makes while high up in a shelf.  Leave some room for your cat to perch next to your books, if your furry friend needs some time to observe its kingdom, a shelf will be a safe and great way to display your cat!

4 DIY Pet Cleaner


There are some fancy cleaners that have enzymes that remove the pet’s odor. In most cases that is wonderful to have but if you are on a budget, here is a proven mixture that will work well for you! You need vinegar, baking soda and warm water! Mix about a cup and a half of warm water with a half cup of vinegar. Saturate the affected area with this mixture. Let it dry and sprinkle baking soda. Leave it at least 30 minutes before vacuuming it. If you want to further deter kitty form accidentally marking the spot again, you may spray lemon oil and water over the area… let us know how that worked for you!

3 “#2” Toys!


All of us have toilet or paper towel rolls that we recycle. This time, use them as cat toys. Simple take an empty roll and stuff it with cat treats. Then fold the edges on both sides inwards and let the cat figure out how to extract the prices treats out of it. This toy may not last long but you sure will have fun making it... plus, there is more rolls where that one came from.

2 Double The Fun


Cats love to hide! The are designed to hide out before pouncing on their unexpected prey, in this case, a cat toy! And what better and affordable way than using two cat baskets!? Stitch together two cat baskets preferably ones with a dip in them. Aligning them so to create a hole form where your furry friend can hide! If you cannot find any with a dip, then cut out a half a circle on each of them before you stitch them up!

1 Foster!


Best lifehack ever! Foster a cat. If you like kittens, then work with your favorite cat rescue and have them give you kittens, or elderly cats, you want them? I am sure you will get them! Not only that, but if you are not sure you can maintain a cat, then fostering it’s a great way to slowly get your feet wet, get support from your local shelter and learn a lot about animal care! The best part, if that you will not only change a cats life but also change the lives of the people who will love your foster cat, forever!


Cat lifehacks, discovered! What other things do you want to explore?

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