Cats Vs Dogs: Which Is Better?

Who’d you like more, a cat or a dog? Let’s explore together Cats Vs. Dogs, from superstitions to how is faster, better and why?

10 The Smarter One


Who’s smarter? Cats and dogs have different levels of smarts, dogs can learn up to 250words, basically as smart as a 2-year-old child. and are easy to train on basic commands. But not all dogs are the same… The smart ones are German shepherds, border collies, poodles and Dobermans. At the bottom of the totem pole of brains, we have the borzoi, chow chow, and most of the hound dogs. Our mascot Ned is a chihuahua and the smarts comes from the “give me what I want” look… yeah… Ned gets all Ned wants… Cats on the other hand, well with almost twice as many neurons as a dog… they are smart no matter the breed!

9 The One Who Loves Too Much


There are stories of people talking about how loving their dogs are and how they have an adoring look. And yes, dogs can develop a genuine look that is only given to their favorite human. And how about cats? If you think cats are cold creatures who only come when they want something, you may be right half the time. A cat could actually experience separation anxiety! and complaint by peeing in your bed or your clothes while you are away. Other signs your feline companion is asking you to stay, can include blocking you from leaving, vocalizing or pacing. For the cat who loves that much, there are behavior therapies, pheromones or medications. I guess it’s flattering?

8 Bizarre Superstitions

Cats vs dogs

Traveling thought different countries is an experience in it on itself. Now mix some superstitions and you get some bizarre believes. In India, if you get bitten by a dog, you will get impregnated with puppies and get rabies from them. In France stepping on doggy du with your left foot, is good luck. While in the rest of Europe, if you have a cat at home and it sneezes once, then its going to rain and its sneezing 3 times, then, the family will catch a cold. In ancient Scandinavia, the goddess of love was represented by a cat so newlyweds would place a cat on a cradle for fertility. Cat vs. dog! Who has more superpowers?

7 Of Allergies and Pregnancy


It is distressing to be sneezing all day long due to allergies! Many of us have a reaction to things such as dust, foods and the worst of all… to animals. Cats seem to win the price for generating more allergic reactions. But, as children, being exposed to pets can prevent us from developing allergies in the future! The immune system will figure out how to manage it! As a pregnant woman, no need to give your cat away! If you had your cat before pregnancy, you may have developed immunity to toxoplasmosis. But do stay away from changing the litter box, for extra peace of mind have the vet test your cat for this parasite.

6 Does Color Matter?


In the dog world, there are different breeds and the different colors do not reflect the gender, the intelligence or behavior of the dog. With cats? Well it’s a whole different ball game! Most calico cats are females, most ginger or tabby cats? Male. It has to do with genetics. And genetics also seem to have a bizarre way to express color. So, if you have a white cat, it could be deaf, especially if its eyes are blue. Apparently, the side where the blue eye is, is the deaf side! So, check and see if your blue eye white cat hears you. It may not have been trying to ignoring you all this time!

5 The Tail Wagers


You look at your pet, and like many pet owners you seem to know what its saying, we learn to understand their barks, purrs and you are usually right about what your pet needs. But in general, animals have a very complex communication via body language and sounds. With dogs, not all tail wagging is a friendly wag. If a dog is holding its tail high and moving it stiffly back and forth, don’t pet it... that may be a warning wag. And with a cat, it’s the same thing, not all purring is a happy purr. When a cat is in pain he may purr as a soothing way to deal with it. Check the cats tail too, they have a snappy way to wag that tail when annoyed!

4 Pet Olympics


When it comes to agility, cats and dogs individually seem to have different qualifications. If stuck on a tree or a roof, your cat could jump and land on its feet swiftly. This is due to very flexible backbones. The landing for cats is natural yet trained agile dogs could do this as well. When it comes to hunting, each have finetuned their agility to fit their needs. In the wild, dogs go long distances outrunning their prey. On the other hand, cats are better at crouching down and sprinting into to action, sometimes with acrobatic accuracy. But, who fairs better from higher altitudes? No flexible backbone is helping a cat land on its feet from anything higher than 2 stories. Many cats and dogs have fallen of tall windows while chasing a bird. This is called high-rise syndrome.

3 The Best For The Swimming Team


Traveling with your dog is a lot of fun, especially if they like to swim. There are special beaches as well as parks and pools designated to dogs. Some breeds of dogs with webbed feet are the Portuguese water dogs, golden retriever and the Weimaraner to name a few. In the cat world, well, cats are not known for liking water, but there are actually some breeds of cats who do love to go for a swim. Those special felines are the Maine coon, Bengal, Manx, Abyssinians and several more! So next time you adopt a feline companion, you may adopt a swimming buddy for your next adventure.

2 The Most Heroic


Fires, earthquakes, floods, dogs are used to find people after a disaster, their sense of smell is perfect for locating victims, sniffing bombs or even illness. Dogs are real-life heroes. But cats don’t stay behind, they are the ultimate hunters keeping vermin and therefore disease from coming to your home. Cats may not be able to dig anyone out of a ditch but will use their whiskers to decide if they fit into a space before entering. It’s also said that cats purr has a relaxing effect while you are sick so you will heal faster. Hospitals and nursing homes are hiring trained cats and dogs to visit residents as it has been scientifically proven that having a pet around will bring happiness to anyone.

1 The Worst Thing


Whether you like cats more than dogs or vice versa, the most important thing you must have is an Emergency Plan. Accidents, flooding, hurricanes, are events out of our control. Not all red cross shelters allow pets so make sure you know where the closest hotels or pet-friendly shelters are. Keep records of your pet’s vaccines in hand by taking pictures on your phone as well as saving the information of emergency vets near you. This way, if you are traveling and have an emergency, you have your pet’s records ready! Last but never least, have updated dog tags at all times on your pet’s collar. As well as a microchip. The worst thing… You never know when your pet could run away from home chasing a car that was not yours.

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