Ep.12 – Hilarious Animals Fails – What Were They Thinking? (Wild Chats Podcast)


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There are animals that just simply fail in life miserably… but why not have fun while doing it? Cats misjudging the jump, while bears swing like no one is falling is adorable. But, why not have your dog mistake you for a statue? But what would happen if all fun and games turn into a dog fight? The solution is much simpler and safer than you think…


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  • Best Animal To Take With You Trick or Treating On Halloween

In another random question session on Ep. 12 -Animals Failing At Life And Other Cute Ways Animals Just Do It Wrong- of the podcast, Maria and I belated the best animal to bring with you trick or treating. What do you guys say?



What We TALKED about


  • Halloween candies and animals to take with you
  • Trick or treat funny stories
  • What were animals thinking? Super cat on the box fails
  • Cat balance and contortion while falling
  • Incredible street performers- Colombia vs. Vegas
  • Poor dog waiting for the ball from a sitting man… Pup VS. Statue
  • Pepita, the art critic
  • Pepita on a hammock story
  • Ryan VS. the boat bunk bed
  • Bears on hammocks and their intelligence
  • What non-primate animals use tools?
  • Polish soldier bear story and other spy animals
  • Animal brain control with a Wii
  • How to STOP a dog fight safely
  • How Pepita talks with her legs and tail
  • Pepitas Attack story: The Chew toy incident



Links To The Videos We Promised You/Mentioned During The Podcast:

▶▶ Animals Are Better At Your Job Than You Are    https://youtu.be/rirMxmQrDM4

▶▶Dog Behaviors Explained https://youtu.be/wiN0DcRV2a I




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▶▶Animals used by computers and cyborgs https://youtu.be/_EHiP8a1dBQ

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