Ep. 13 – Animals On Ice: Fun and Survival (Wild Chats Podcast)

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Animals and Ice, what could go wrong? It could be dangerous when a dog decides to play hockey on a thin sheet of lake ice, or a duck mistakes it for moving water and crashes onto the hard surface of the frozen water … but although wild animals have adapted well to harsh weather conditions. The title for the kings of winter adaptation goes to the Japanese macaques!

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1) What’s your pet’s favorite toy or cork when playing?
2) What’s the weirdest pet you have heard of?
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What we TALKED about:
– Dogs playing hockey and winter sports
– Ryan snow skiing fails
– Mallards fail to ice land
– Winter-perfect nights and deceptive roads
– Cats and fish: How to keep a cat entertained in the winter and fish safe from frostbite
– Finding frozen animals on ice!
– How alligators, frogs and turtles deal with winter
– Pepita and Sasha’s favorite toy
– Primates in the north: Japanese Macaques, and their adaptation to ice. Causing riots!!
– Ryan’s story of monkeys stealing from him
– Maria got bitten by a monkey story

Links To The Videos We Promised You/Mentioned During The Podcast:
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▶▶ Animal Acrobatics & Their Crazy Wild Skills https://youtu.be/DqXCb7O24fQ
▶▶ Alligators Chasing People & Golf Course Battle Around Florida https://youtu.be/UXxtN1dmQCU


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