Ep.15 – Adorable Baby Animals & Other Odd Couples (Wild Chats) Podcast


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Babies in the animal kingdom are tougher and smarter than we humans. It’s surprising how they can control their emotions, like when a baby elephant sucks its trunk, much like a human baby sucking its thumb to calm down. Or a marmoset babble nonsense… that actually does. And even more impressive, how unhatched turtles and chicken can talk to one another. But their superpowers blossom even more after birth, dolphins have it all figured it out, being born tail first so to be faster at taking their first breath.

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1) Possum or Opossum?
Bower Bird... (photo)

What we TALKED about

• How to calm a dog during thunderstorms and fire works
• Maria helping deliver pigs
• snakes born
• snake charmers
• animal camouflage (snake moth)
• Puppy Riding Duck off friendship
• sugar gliders and nutrition as pets
• nocturnal animals
• animal friendships (tiger and Frenchie, duck & dog)
• pets and Christmas
• attic turtle story
• dolphin birth
• cryptids
• baby elephants and giraffes
• egg communication (chickens and turtles)
• marmosets learning to talk
• mokele-mbembe -kasay rex

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▶▶ Cryptids https://youtu.be/PhROKNAMxTw
▶▶ Animal Stories (Weird & Bizarre) https://youtu.be/I02E7h54xeE


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