Extreme Animal Parents: Best & Worst

No animal is trained to be a super parent. But even without a teacher, you can't imagine how amazing and devoted animal parents can be. Those superheroes of the animal kingdom are often extreme animal parents. But, the upbringing, there are totally opposite attitudes towards it. A spectrum between devotion and abandonment. Some young grow in the wild, while others, such as pets, may have all the comforts. But no matter where they come from, many perish because of the worst parents. While others have those who break the record for the best, thus deserving a gift to celebrate Mother's or Father's Day. Get your handkerchief ready and let's explore the animal world in search of the best and worst animal fathers and mothers. What makes these extreme animal parents?

13 Meerkats


The Result of excellent teamwork. When mom and dad cooperate, their young are happier and more educated. Stable marriages that bear fruit, although few exist today. And since perfection does not exist either, they hide many secrets.

Deserts, scrub lands, and the southern African region are home to these families. But the real home is made by these super dads who do not abandon their young. Of large families, meerkats are small, tall and slender. Its tail, strong as iron, supports them to stay upright while guarding against predators. And against any danger that could bring the multiple families that form a clan, down. So don't worry ... Safety in numbers!

12 Caecilias

By Rod6807 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26710258
By Rod6807 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26710258

Helpless and soft like gums. This is how worms tend to be. They may not be pleasant to you, but you don't seem like the best friend to them either. At least not when you walk and inadvertently, a shoe ends its life. But did you know that not everything that looks like an earthworm is? Looks are deceiving! Watch this…

Caecilias. They are not worms or snakes, even if they appear to be. They are actually Gymnophiona, amphibians like frogs or salamanders. They differ from annelids like earthworms because they have vertebrates. Its body is gelatinous and has zebra-like lines . These allusive amphibians the size of an arm long, are devoted small single mothers who have dedicated themselves to digging to raise their children, and deserve a trophy. Amid tropical rainforests, they literally take the bread out of their mouths to give to their babies. Rather, they let their young bite off their greasy and nutritious skin so they don't go hungry. That's how strange but amazing animals can be!

11 Weddell Seals


Beautiful creatures that exist thanks to Mom's dedication. And is that not all animals have the love of their mother. Some are born and remain alone, without father or mother. Although sometimes it is better to be alone than in bad company.

Weddell seals receive heat and food from Mom after 11 months in their womb. Their milk is as good as that of your breakfast. Of course, it contributes a few extra pounds because it is the most caloric of any mammals. Workout in the gym is required to avoid losing the figure. Little seals only count on their mother's dedication. She teaches them how to survive in Antarctica and how to navigate like submarine ships. Take care of their front and rear flippers and show them how to use their teeth. Her father is something like a ghost. He is never there, but if he shows up and finds his young unprotected, he mistreats them.

10 Orangutans


Even if his father appeared, he would still be the missing piece of the puzzle. Its absence is notorious throughout the life of the orangutan. Mom, on the other hand, provides care and education for eight years. Because there is no one like mom, right?

She deserves a true mothers day celebration. With festoons and balloons. Among deep forests she teaches her children to look for fruits and build nests to sleep. And, perhaps a little overprotective, she guards them against, like snakes, for example. Of course, living in the forests of Borneo and Sumatra located in Asia is not synonymous with peace, so Mom will have her reasons!

9 African Lions


Feline are charming and dangerous at the same time. Jaguars, pumas, ocelots and many more. They could never go unnoticed and neither can you. The lion, king of the jungle. In a small oversight, you can become their prey if you decide to travel to Africa and walk through its territory. Most lion attacks on humans are due to us invading their space and protecting their pack. Although… Will their own cubs be their favorite prey?

The African Lion. You can find it in savannas and deserts of the continent, although there were an already extinct population, in Asia. This feline marks his territory with urine and roars to defend it. Its imposing size and abundant mane frighten many, but not their little ones. He turns out to be a good parent, although not the most efficient at bringing food home. The mother is in charge of shopping. Lionesses hunt in groups, stalking their prey through the bushes. By making precise choreographic movements, they save energy and obtain prey, usually the weakest in the pack. But although the males do not bring sustenance, they take care of their territory at all costs.

8 Wolf Spider


These stunning eight-legged animals can bristle your skin. Surely you scary time cleaning your house and finding one of them. But what comes next is something you've never seen. Can you imagine that after taking a shower your hairstyle includes a ball of hair that is not yours but millions of spiders together?

From the southern hemisphere to Greenland, not counting Antarctica. The wolf spider is distributed all over the world and is quite mysterious. Can't imagine what she's wearing in her hairball! Lots of paws and bodies of all her children. That's how self-sacrificing this mother is. There she cares for them with her best maternal instinct as they grow. It has eight eyes properly organized like classroom children. With a length like toothpicks, they won't tangle you with their cobwebs. This arthropod never weaves them. But, worse still, you can find her in the comfort of your home, although she may also welcome you as one of her children with her kind heart. On the plus side, having a wolf spider could be your best friend, amazing hunters! they eat all kinds of intruders you dont want crawling around your home. Take that bugs here comes a natural exterminator.

7 African Rock Python


The animals' habitats are as contrasting as themselves. Animals of the same species can live in opposite environments, such as bears. Some inhabit warm forests and eat vegetables. Others survive in the excessive arctic cold and settle for seal meat. And the contrasts are not only physical. They are also sentimental. The African Rock Python is a very good example. What could you find docile in this wild snake?

A tender mother who hugs her eggs with her body to protect and incubate them. It is long as a truck, so it surrounds them easily. Her motherly gesture differs from her intimidating attitude. Hunts down wild boars, lizards and even crocodiles. If you are an adventurer, you can ask for a hug. Finally, they are hugs that could kill!

6 Sea Horse


Pregnant men Impossible! Discounting any scientific invention, a man will never carry a baby in his belly. However, another story is told in the corridors of the sea.

Seahorse. This dad is a mother! he gets pregnant and gives birth to little horses. The female gives the male a bag with 1500 eggs to fertilize in his abdomen. Their new-borns are completely self-sufficient and with flexible tails, like rubber, to anchor themselves to corals, and elongated trumpet-shaped snouts for plankton and crustacean hunting, it completes its life cycle in five short years. So, there is no time to waste!  there is no recovery time for the pregnant fathers…. The males finish giving birth and the female is ready to give her a new hatching bag.

5 Hornbills


A child arrives and it seems that everything turns upside down. Buying diapers and milk will be one of the new routines. Then go to school to take classes. Ah! But not everyone has this last concern. Luckily, birds don't go to school.

Hornbills. They inhabit the forests of Africa to those of the Solomon Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean. The Hornbills parents are winged heroes protecting their chicks. They work as a team like the best parents in the world. The male, like a great architect, always achieves an innovative and cozy nest for his family. Using mud and feces, he plasters the nest to care for the female and the young. Then he will take care of shopping. Plants, snakes, lizards, and other prey are the food of this species. And so, in the midst of the routine, the life of these feathered birds will pass until the little ones can take flight.

4 Wolverine


Wolverines, University of Michigan Mascots, they are strong and fierced! The tiger and the elephant have a large appetite. But the wolverine is not far behind, he eats more than the others in proportion! And if so, why its size smaller?

It inhabits mountainous regions and dense forests. It is found in Canada, Europe, parts of North America and in the Arctic Circle. The size of a dog, this mammal is from the Family of otters and badgers, and it has very maternal females. They dig deep caves to care for their brown- and black-haired pups and teach them all the hunting techniques that could take down a bear. Unlike other species, these babies will be ready at six months old to become adults. With its semi-retractable claws and warrior instinct it is more than enough. So the size is the least of it.

3 Chameleon


Movie like stories. On the island of Madagascar, southeast Africa, there is the species with the shortest life cycle. The funny thing is that it also spends some time behind bars. Or between shells. Basically, the same!

Chameleons Fortune is uncertain from birth. Although they have clothes in their closet, they lack everything: their mother's love. Arguably, his parents are the worst. For her part, the mother buries the eggs in the sand and with them, her responsibility. Of the father, not much is known. The truth is that when they hatch, these little colored ones have to survive at their own risk. Although they are not the only animals without parents to protect them. The same happens to sea turtles, and yet they live up to a hundred years. So they will succeed. But ... What color will their lives be?

2 Koalas

Animal Parents

An irresistible delight. Every day you consume fruits, meats, desserts and much more. Everything you like even if it is sometimes not the most appropriate. But what would you do if you had to eat feces to save your life? Would you? ... The koalas do!

To the east of Australia are these furry animals. Surely its slightly messy look inspired Einstein a bit! Although we don't know if he was as lucky with his mother as these little marsupials. Protected, they live in the baby carrier style mommy bag. The childhood of these animals passes between trees and delicious eucalyptus leaves. But mom knows everything and prepares her baby's stomach. He feeds it feces as a vaccine against the toxicity of eucalyptus leaves. oh you thought That the excrement was a punishment? ... You see, not at all!

1 Dogs


Faithful and furry friends who can only give joy to their owners. They are all super heroes when it comes to saving you from boredom and loneliness. Of course, sometimes they can change their mood and let you see their beautiful pearly whites. If you have one as a pet, you will know what we are talking about. And if not, you're missing out on hours of ball, frisby, and snoring. But what happens when fatherhood knocks on the canine door?

Even though Dad has a bit of a fatherly instinct, Mommy Dog won't want his company during the delivery. She is an extreme mom and protects her puppies, especially during the first days since puppies are born blind and deaf. Barking and growling will help them defend themselves, although not when they have just been born because they are so cute that they cannot intimidate anyone with it. Maternal protection is vital for those defenseless pups. Then they will grow and be independent thanks to the lessons that Mom gave them. But they will always be ready to share with you all their canine joy!



You are lucky if your parents did not abandon you at birth or soon after. Animals have many stories to tell. And not all of them have a happy start. From the spectator chair you can see that both parents and children have their own version of events. In the end, the only thing left is to tie your shoes and start walking. If others chose for you to come into this world, you your own path. Hopefully your tour photo album will have moments with your parents. And if not, moments of your victories. Paint your life in colors like the chameleon does!

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