Fireworks Through Time & Weird Festivals From Around The World

Fireworks, in many parts of the world, no celebration is complete without a round of these colorful and creative pyrotechnics but why were they invented? From how to help your pet during fireworks to the best and largest celebrations and competitions, here are the most fascinating things about fireworks. If you like the video, click the subscribe button and in the comments let us know what other fun things do you know about fireworks?

12 Getting All Fired Up!

outdoor fire

Where did it all start? at the beginning of time, the first pyro technique was actually a bonfire… it sounds simple and not too spectacular, but Sweden may change your mind. Being that Sweden was known in olden times as the land of trolls, witches, and elves, very large bonfires started as a celebratory tradition in the 18th century called Walpurgis nights or in Swedish “valborgsmässoafton”, with the purpose to ward evil spirits and other unseen intruders. Since the celebration is held in the spring, as you can imagine, they had a lot to celebrate as well.  And for an extra punch, Fireworks were later been incorporated to assist in the warding off of negative forces.

11 Of Dragons and Fire!

dragons and fire

You cannot miss the opportunity to hear of one of the most breathtaking festivals around the world. Dragons, lanterns flowers and of course fireworks! China, The mother of all the fireworks celebrations, should be at the top of your bucket list of festivals especially if you go during their new year’s celebration. The Chinese New Year buds with their spring festival making it the longest running festival in their calendar, about 15 days long.

10 A Bright Mistake

A Bright Mistake

So although bonfires have been since for pretty much ever, why did fireworks were made and when? Legends say that china was the first to concoct the fiery mixture.  About 2000 years ago a Chinese cook was working on a field kitchen when he by accident mixed commonly found ingredients such as charcoal, sulfur, and salt pepper, and when he ignited it, it caught on fire more than he expected! Later the mixture became more popular and firecrackers were born packed tightly inside bamboo tubes. The sound later became the antidote to scare off evil spirits. that is why, since then, there are fireworks in pretty much any celebration. to scare evil off.

9 Hired For The Job

Hired For The Job

If you are ever hired to work at a firework manufacturing plan, here is a trick to keep you safe.  Since synthetic materials can create a spark that can turn the plant into a 4th of July celebration!! Any article of clothing used must be made entirely of cotton!! Another side of the story is that synthetic fabrics melt under fire. So if there is a fire in the plant, you will be safer with your all cotton, it will burn but not melt on your skin!!  Better safe than sorry for sure…

8The New York Style

The New York Style

Music, crowds, and fun, that’s Times square!!, it seems like the place many people around the world like to go to see the dropping of the iconic new years eve ball. But what started the tradition? There was a ban on fireworks.  So the creative people of NY came up with a clever way to solve the problem. In 1907 the first ball was made of wood and iron and hundreds of light bulbs instead of fireworks!!! Since then, the ball has been getting bigger, better, and brighter using Waterford crystals…But why the location of the NYE Ball? It all started with a flagpole…. Yep, on a flagpole on 1 time square! And now you know the rest is history.

7 Midsummer Nights

midsummer celebration

Traditionally, bonfire celebrations happen in the colder months to also help to keep people warm like in Walpurgis nights in Sweden we talked about earlier. Rooted in Viking traditions through the Scandinavian regions, the biggest international bonfire celebration happens in the summer solstice called “Midsommar” in some areas like Denmark and St. Johns's day in Norway.  Again, the bad witches, trolls, and elves are asked to leave yet once more…

6 A Different Idea Of Fun

Spain's bull celebration

Many of us are becoming more aware of the impact we have on animals and our environment.  Yet, Traditions being what they are here is a very peculiar one from some regions of Spain. Most of us know that Spain has had a long history of involving bulls in their celebrations like the running of the bulls in Pamplona.  Not being behind on incorporating fireworks into their festivities the Spanish festival of the “Toro Embolado” involves a bull with fireballs attached to its horns and running through town while people get out of it’s panicked way.  I have no words…

5 Disney Goes All Out

Disney fireworks

As you walk down the streets of the iconic Disney World or Disneyland, right before the closing of the park the celebrations begin with parades music, and the closing ceremony of fireworks!! As you can imagine the daily usage of these pyrotechnics has made them the number 1 consumer in the US.  To make the show more spectacular, the technicians use compressed air in order to be more accurate with their display.  Its also less pollution.  But there are other celebrations in the US that really do not take air quality into account.  During the 4th of July fireworks, the air quality of the entire US decreases by about 42%!!! That’s for sure a serious environmental impact during the celebrations.

4 Illuminating the Sky!!

Pingxi Lantern Festival

Not only fireworks illuminate and bring awe to the spectators. In Taiwan, there is a very enchanting way to illuminate the entire sky.  When you go to Taiwan, make sure to go to the Pingxi Lantern Festival. It was originally designed to let others know that the town was safe from disease and like fireworks, to ward of evil.  Nowadays the lanterns are decorated with wishes and images of the owners before being released off into the night sky.  All the lanterns together make the sky become a magical sanctuary of hope to those who are lucky to participate in the festival.

3 The Price Of Celebrating

forth of july celebrations in the past

Some celebrations may come with a price and in the 19th century, Independence Day fireworks in the US for sure did.  Apparently, there were lots of cases of tetanus after the festivities and were called the 4th of july or patriotic tetanus or patriotic lockjaw.   Thank goodness eventually the fireworks and healthcare became better at protecting participants from tetanus.

2 Firework Therapy For Your Pet

fireworks and pets

What stories have you heard of pets running away during thunderstorms or fireworks? Animals are very sensitive to sounds and will often bolt in fear.  And what can be done to protect our pets? A scientific investigation came up with a fascinating solution.  Music.  But not any kind, based on data gathered, many dogs who listen to piano music will be more relaxed. The solo piano must be at about 50-60 bpm if you want your furry friend to fall asleep during any firework celebration.  I guess music IS truly therapy for more than just us humans.

1 Superstition Galore

Superstition Galore

What superstitions do you have around fireworks?  If you are in Vietnam, you will notice that many celebrations involve fireworks. They are meant to ward off evil spirits as well as haunted souls.  China is not to far behind with firework displays after a wedding to ensure there are no spirits party crashing the celebration. Festivities involving fireworks around the world seem to have something in common. To keep towns and people safe from trolls or elves, witches or evil spirits and to bring joy to its inhabitants.

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