Funny Little Pet Peeves & Daily Annoyances We All Hate

There are so many things that annoy us every day, but there are, definitely, some more bothersome that others. From mishaps while commuting to bathroom issues and annoying strangers. Here are the daily pet peeves we all hate.

19 Water Thief


So you are taking a shower, the water temperature is warm and you are melting the coldness from the night before away...  all over the sudden, right after getting your heard under the shower to remove the shampoo, the water comes out like an ice cube!. You know for a fact that someone, maybe even a neighboor callously opened another faucet and stole your warm water!

18 Do Not Tell Me…


You're furious, I do not know, you lost your car keys, your cell phone... but you have to fly off or you're going to be kicked out from work. Your partner, although well-meaning tells you, to calm down... I rest my case!

17 Someone Stole My Leftovers!


Going out to dinner is always fun, you order your favorite thing in the menu and even have some left over for dinner later in the week. But, nothing more annoying than next day you head out to work and are so excited to have the dinner from the night before waiting for you, you are even imagining how good the leftover pizza will taste after reheating it in the oven… finally you are home, open the refrigerator… your hopes and dreams are gone with the restaurant container… Someone stole your leftovers!

16 Finger Tapping Neighboor


Whether you are in the bus or in class, there is always that annoying person sitting near you how has a tune stuck on their heads and it’s not only humming it but tapping its fingers, or ring or keys against a surface… not only out of tune but without even the same rhythm… You dot know if to interrupt his bliss with a scream of join him in the chorus.

15 The Unfinished Dream


You are in the middle of a dream, the plot is right where you want it and the answer to the major and most important question is about to be revealed… Well, as soon as you are about to find out how this dream is going to unfold... you wake up! No matter if you try to remember and even work your way to falling asleep again to pick up right where you left… nothing works and you will never know what happened…

14 The Headphone Mystery


There are so many little things that can actually throw us over the edge one of the simplest one that I am sure we all hate is when you are listening to your favorite song or listening to the game while wearing head phones, so not to disturb anyone, as soon as you put them on, someone starts talking to you!… it seems as if having headphones on is an invitation to have people randomly ask you questions, but even worse, when you don’t have them on, no one needs you!

13 Not So Fast Food


So hungry! You need to eat right now, so you turn into the fast food restaurant thinking a quick meal is about to happen. After you order, they tell you that the fries and basically the rest of your order will take couple of minutes… Sure… It probably would have been faster to go home and make a sandwich yourself…

12 Need To Go To The Bathroom


You manage to get comfortable after arranging your bed sheets, getting your pillow situated at the perfect angle… the blankets covering your toes and all seems to be right with the world… but as soon as you relax and are about to fall asleep, you realize you forgot to go to the bathroom... your mind starts negotiating with your bladder but, you very well know you cannot wait, you know it’s going to be worse later…

11 Bad Parking


You are heading to the mall and it seems like all the parking spaces are full, after going around the parking lot you finally find a spot... the car parked on one side parked so close to the line that you could not even get out of your car unless you climbed through the truck! and how about the people who actually, intentionally take two parking spots! And to solve the problem, I have heard of people printing their own bad parking cards! Some are quite creative!

10 Last Minute Calls


You are tired after a long day at work, you are about to close for the day, everything is in order and you are ready for the weekend… when your boss calls you to ask for a favor… the worst part is that besides being Friday… you have dinner plans and someone else is going to be upset with you!

9 What Was It?


In the middle of a conversation, your friend makes a comment that reminded you of something very interesting to add. You politely wait for your friend to finish the point. now, it’s your turn to say something and shine, you can almost taste the words of what you wanted to say… as soon as you open your mouth, the words that come out are “What was it that I wanted to say?” and totally forget the point…

8 The Dead Battery Zone


Listening to your favorite songs on Spotify while working out is fun! Or even watching Netflix on your phone while on the elliptical. Right when the tune or the plot gets even better… your phone runs out of battery. And as if things could not get any worse… Picture this, you are lost in a town you don’t know, you are using google maps for directions. google maps sends you to the wrong side of the tracks and to top that, the phone is again, about to run out of battery in time to take you to where you are supposed to go! Yeah… not good!

7 No Toilet Paper


You are in a hurry to go to the bathroom and realize after you are almost done, that there is no toilet paper… worse if no one is in the house to help you or if you are in a public bathroom alone! What to do becomes a trick that McGuiver can figure out! But even more annoying, when in the middle of the night you go to the toilet and as you sit down you realize the seat was left up and you fully wake up as you slide down the toilet…

6 Running Out Of Memory!


You are all excited to download an app or a video game on your phone, and as you are getting half way thought the download, a message poops up telling you that you ran out of memory! You really want that application, or maybe even need it… Now you have to erase some stuff if you want your new app. You spend the time to go through your phone deleting, 50 pictures, 10 songs, 3 other applications and games even clear your WhatsApp conversations and videos! After all that work… you still have no space in your memory.

5 The Good Old Funny Bone!


Not so funny at all! This one is not anybody else’s fault, yet you feel like yelling at something. Have you ever hit your elbow on a corner? The sensation of pain is so terrible it feels as if your arm is about to burst into flames or worse, fall off.  The reason why this is not so funny to hit its because when you hit your elbow, you are actually hitting the ulnar nerve against the bone and compressing it…ouch!

4 I Told You Where It Was!


You wake up early and the kids are getting ready for school, you took the time to leave everything ready since you have to leave on time. Everything is peachy… Until one of them say to you: I cannot find it! You question yourself for a second and shout back the exact coordinates of what your kid is looking for... After a moment, your kid tells you again that the thing is not there! With slight frustration at this point, you head to where you told them… and there it was!

3 Small Cut, Big Pain


You have been working hard, the weather is drying to your skin and your hands take the worst beating. You keep lotion on your desk and even use oils on your hands before bed. But it seems like no matter what, you have little pieces of the skin around your nails lifting, it feels as bad as a paper cut on a finger, and it seems to take forever to heal!

2 The Super Forgettable Password

Things We ALL HATE Happening To Us

At work you are asked to change your password every few months not only are you asked to write something that does not include your user name, a previous password, but that includes some random characters, capital letters, your blood type, darkest thoughts… okay, not that bad… but, good luck remembering it!

1 The Turning Signals!


Driving in the city can be very stressful, there are lots of cars and motorcycles all over the place. You finally make to the intersection where you need to turn to pass the oncoming traffic lane into your road. The car coming on the opposite direction “forgets” to put the turning signals yet turns into the drive way right before the road you want to take… The small window of opportunity closes for you and now you have to wait for what is seems like forever!

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