Happiness: What Is It? Fun & Unexpected Habits To Improve Your Life

What is it with happiness? From mathematical formulas that predict happiness to going bananas eating them.  Here are the most fun, entertaining and unexpected takes on happiness.

14 A Backwards Perception


When we are single, it seems as if all we see are people happily couples and what happens after we marry or are in a relationship? According to a psychology study, the opposite will happen.  All we will see is happy single people! The saying the grass is greener on the other side for sure hold true!  Yet another study found that happiness level before marriage was the best predictor of happiness during marriage! Only you can make you happy!

13 Healthy And Happy


Haven’t you gone to work and seen a coworker always in a good mood and wonder why? According to research happiness has to do with health as well as your genetic makeup.  The healthier you are the more enthusiastic you are about life… So don’t feel bad if you are a little grumpy, you may not be feeling well.

12 Lowering the Bar


We have been told forever to raise our expectations, to think big.  But according to a 2007 study by the University of Southern Denmark, the opposite is true.  Lowering expectations about life will actually make you happier. Which is why you will receive more than you expected.

11 Getting Out Of The Funk


Has there been a time in your life when trying to balance children and work or taking care of a sick person feels very overwhelming?  you are not alone, work and family life strains us all.  And although a situation may continue being the same, here is a trick to feel totally different about it.  According to research writing at least 3 good things every day will get you out of the funk.  What would you write about?

10 Fake It.. And Believe It

HAPPINESS: Fun & Unexpected Habits You Should Know

Seeing a baby smile is one of the cutest thing we have seen.  Even if someone was born blind, tell them a joke and they will smile, okay, laugh if you are good! its primal behavior.  But how does that help us have more happiness? By faking it.  Start laughing long enough, just to see what happens, you will actually end up cracking your self up.. there, beginning of happiness, achieved.

9 A Very Attractive Trait


When we go to a party, we see people mingling, maybe eating or dancing.  Regardless of how many people you know there, scientist say that you will be more attracted to those who radiate happiness.  As we make eye contact, happiness is more easily recognized that anger. So next time you go to a gathering, see if you can figure out if a person is happy or not just by looking at them.

8 Bunnies Jump Of Joy!


Sometimes we are so excited that we start jumping or have a happy dance if we can barely contain ourselves right. And believe it or not, we are not the only ones.  When bunnies get overexcited, they have a little dance too called the “Binky” like a gymnast twisting in the air.

7 The Mathematical Formula To Happy


We know being happy is important to a fulfilling life, a healthy outlook on life.  And sometimes we may wonder if there is a mathematical formula to figure the happy out.  It’s actually very simple, it just takes practice. There is a correlation between happiness and expectation. The more an expectation is exceeded, the happier you are.  On the other hand, if an expectation is not meet, your level of happiness drops. It’s all in our hands!

6 The Eclectic Life-Span


If you’ve ever visited grandma or grandpa at the nursing home and while spending time together, maybe you’ve noticed some of the residents who look so young they should not be there? There may be an explanation.  Happiness and longevity walk hand in hand, as well as being eclectic! According to sources, eccentric people live longer and report higher levels of happiness. Now you know why the cat lady seems to never age!

5 The Happiness Report


Imagine how would it be if governments actually accounted not only for the gross domestic product of a nation but also for the Happiness Levels of its citizens?  As a measure of the social progress and for the future implementation of public policy the UN in 2012 started the list ranking countries.  Even before The UN created the “World Happiness Report.” The small country of Bhutan In SE Asia implemented the gross national happiness index.  Since the 70’s. as the main development indicator. There is a lot to learn from this small forward-thinking nation!

4 Happy Paws


As children we all had a best friend who we would invite to birthday parties or just sit and have some fun conversations with.  But do animals have a favorite friend?  For sure dogs and cats do, we see them playing and having a blast for hours, and in pastures, it has been observed that cows have best friends too. Who is your pets best friend?

3 An Expensive Birthday


On your birthday, you will have your family and friend sing you the most popular song in the US.  The “Happy Birthday”. In late 1800 the hill sisters wrote a book about children’s songs and during a birthday party the “happy morning to all” was changed to “happy birthday”… and now you know the rest of that happy story.  The bizarre part Is that Warner Communications paid about 30million USD to copywrite it! So, next time you sing it, you may get charged some serous cash for it… crazy right?

2 A Dose Of Contact


There are days we just need a hug.  It may have been a hard day at work or you may feel nostalgic about a love lost. As if prescribed by the doctor.  Hugs provide so much needed comfort and the science to back it up.  Even just a friendly touch on the shoulder or a bump into each other increases your serotonin and oxytocin levels and therefore fight depression! Dogs when they see their owner release the same happy hormones! So go and hug your furry friend.  He may need a hug too!

1 Going Bananas!


Since we were children we have heard the apple a day trick to maintain health.  We all know apples are filled with natural goodness for our system in general.  It keeps the doctor away! And a new contender will soon be in your shopping list for a happier home.   Bananas contain a chemical that apparently makes a person happy… is the same chemical as Prozac.  What other foods make you happy?


Happiness Discovered! What other emotions should we explore?

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