Mexico Fun Funny Unexpected Traditions

Mexico, with its enchanting history. From scary island with discarded dolls to the drink of the Gods and people who could outrun horses. Lets explore the fun, funny and unexpected Mexico.

13 Running Like The Wind


Who is the fastest runner? If we base it on the recent Olympics, we can say Jamaican born Usain Bolt.  But have you ever heard of a human running for longer time than a horse?  In northwestern Mexico the native people of Tarahumara can outrun even their prey! They call themselves rara’muris “running people” or “winged feet.”  They have been reported to run about 200 miles without stopping and without shoes! They have been running from birth and are so fit they could run for two days without stopping… they use their superhuman skills to outrun their prey until it collapses of tiredness. Who is the fastest person you know?

12 Thanks To Your Pooch


What do you do when your pooch has to go the bathroom? Besides taking him for a walk. In Mexico, you may get free Wi-Fi!  Mexico City came up with a clever way to keep the parks clear of doggy do.  The more puppy poo you deposit in certain bins, the more WIFI you get! I Imagine Dog walkers have a large free WIFI reserve.

11 A Head Spinning Game

By Girvanator -, CC BY-SA 3.0,
By Girvanator -, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Football, basketball, baseball, there are lots of games we love to play or watch. but what happened when you lose a game? … not much, better luck next time. but in Ancient Mexico, you may want to lose, always… The Aztec empire, had a ritual ball game known as tlachtli.  The rule was that the winners were often sacrificed to the gods. And now a days most of the us treat players like gods but not as a sacrifice!

10 The Drink Of The Gods


If craving a sweet, what comes to mind? Typically, chocolate jumps out first, it’s all that is valentine’s day, a pick me upper, Halloween and more… you name it. And Mexico started all that! Chocolate was so revered that is was drank during ceremonies and offered to the gods.  Even to treat colds and fever symptoms... what other common items came from Mexico?  At the movie theaters, as you are heading to watch your movie, you first make a stop and the concession stand and besides getting chocolate covered nuts you also get popcorn. Thank Mexico for popcorn and chocolate come from there.

9 Mexico’s Influence On The Italian Cuisine


If you’ve even gone to an Italian restaurant, then you may have ordered a lasagna, or even a pasta with Bolognese Sause, and the main ingredient in all of those dishes is actually not from Italy! When the Spaniards traveled back from Mexico, they took with them new world product such as chocolate, corn, and tomatoes.  Tomatoes where a hit in Italy and became the staple for the majority of their dishes.  Again, thanks to Mexico we can eat delicious Napolitano pasta.

8 Of States and Breeds


Have you seen our mascot hiding in the videos? Or at least saw the intro with a picture of the furry friend? Sometimes Ned is hiding more than once, I even forget where sometimes.  Our mascot is a chihuahua, a breed of tiny dogs discovered in the mid-19th century in a state of Mexico called Chihuahua.  But did you know chihuahua is also a food item?  The state of chihuahua not only has dogs but make a fantastic cheese with that same name, and It’s delicious, try it next time you visit, or go to an authentic Mexican restaurant! Mexico is not all tacos and burritos, it’s also Cheese and dogs… all that is good in this world!

7 The Scariest Island


Dolls, action figures, kids love them, and what would make a grown person collect them? Besides their value, in Mexico, there may be a more sinister reason. The story goes like this, In the Middle of a swamp near Xochimilco, there is an island where over 50 years ago a man used to live in all by himself.  After the drowning of a little girl in a nearby canal, a doll appeared at the shore of the island and the man took it and made a shrine to honor the child.  Over the years more and more discarded dolls were added by him, making the island look as if Chucky was born there! The man finally passed away in 2001… from drowning… The island has become a tourist attraction and its name reflects is history “Isla de Las Munecas or Island of the dolls.”

6 The Kind Empire


As kids you probably had played a pretend battle. Using plastic swords or sticks to protect your kingdom from the dragons or other kings. And Who would have ever thought that real battles where done like the imaginary ones we played as children? Before the Well know Aztecs and their sacrifices to the gods, there were, The Toltecs.  More known as civilized and cultured people.  They used wooden swords to fight their enemies without hurting them.

5 “Authentic American Food”


Ordering food in Taco Bell means getting a taco, fajitas and more and we may view the menu as Mexican food.  But how would taco bell’s food be viewed in Mexico? The marketing department of taco bell when entering Mexico called “Authentic American Food” it did not go very well with its citizens and by 2010, the Mexico city taco bell closed down… What is your favorite Mexican dish?

4 Fun and Festive Memorials


On Halloween we get dresses up, put some makeup on or a mask to fit the character and go out into the night to enjoy the festivities. But Mexico goes a step further.  They don’t just celebrate one day but 6! The holiday was originally in the summer but started being associated with Christianity de first days of November.  The celebration is unique in that they create shrines to honor their friends and family members who have passes away.  Altars are made with painted skulls, marigold flowers and the favorite foods of the diseased. Parades and festivities are never missing either.   The Day of the dead, a creative and festive celebration honoring those who have left…

3 Breaking Out Free


When you think about prison, what do you think of? And What would happen to an inmate who tries to scape? In the movies, it does not go very well for anyone… but if you are in Mexico, Germany or Austria, well you may not get in trouble.  According to their law, all people have a fundamental desire to be free.  But don’t think is that easy… there is the small print. You have to do it on your own, no help, cannot damage property, like break a window to escape, cannot steal, that means walk with the clothing you are wearing since its not yours… basically, if you are free, you will go back to jail because other laws were broken.  But hey, at least there is some respect for your desire to be free…

2 The Ceremonial Pozole


Here is an interesting note on foods that have evolved to fit the times… Pozole, a soup that is made with pork, chilies, corn and other ingredients is usually served for special occasions such as birthdays, Mexico’s Independence Day and more. But there is a menacing ingredient that was common during Aztec Times. Since The soup had ritualistic significance, sacrificed humans where part of the ingredients in the soup. After the Spaniards banned cannibalism, pork was used instead.  According to accounts, pork tastes just like it…  I guess not all tastes like chicken?

1 Of Turkeys And Butterflies


What do these two have in common? They all come from Mexico. The turkey or Guajolote was first domesticated by the Mayans in Mexico. The name was given due to first being brought to England via Turkey! And hence the name.   Monarch butterflies.  These distinctive insects migrate for thousands of miles from the US to the warm climates of Mexico during the winter.  They are the only insect in the world to migrate! Trees look as if on fire from the hundreds of millions nesting together.



Mexico discovered, what other cool things do you know about Mexico?

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