More Lost Pets That Returned Home

There are so many stories about animals getting lost and coming home that there is not enough time to tell them all, but how do they do it?

11 The Lost Custody

Animals getting lost and coming home

Unfortunately, there are some custody battles we may lose, in this case Ginger the Basset Hound was taken by Jamie’s ex-wife after their divorce in 2003. Jamie lost contact with his beloved pet for 10 years until one day while looking at the online description of the surrendered pets at the local Humane society of Boston, USA.  even without a picture, he recognized Ginger! Needless to say, Jamie was worried Ginger would not remember him. But he needed not to worry, ginger, now 13, came over to him and both picked right where they left. This time nothing would separate them ever again!

10 Kitty’s Nine Lives: The Mistaken Identity


When walking on a mall you see people who look like a friend later to realize they are someone else, just look very similar. Alfie was a case of mistaken identity.  One-day Alfie escaped and on the same day, a kitty was found on the side of a road… Alfie’s family buried their little friend… or so they thought! After the incident, the family moved away but kept in touch with the neighbors.  Almost a year after the incident, the neighbor called telling the unlikely story of a cat trying to break into their old house! After being captured, it was taken to the vet who confirmed that the intruder, was indeed Alfie thanks to the microchip. But who then was the buried kitty?

9 A Social Media Success!


Besides connecting with family, social media has been successful at helping us find more than friends.  The story of Abby is a great example.  During a winter snowstorm in Alaska, a blind dog named Abby found her way to a home that was not hers.  The lucky girl was found uninjured by Mark.  She had no microchip tags so mark had to get creative if he wanted Abby back at home on time for Christmas. Fortunately, Mark used social media, he posted her pictures in his local Facebook lost pets group, shared it with his friends and even connected with animal shelters and nearby rescues sharing her information.  Finally, all his hard work paid off and Abby was back safely at home. That was truly a Merry christmas!

8 No Horsing Around


After the fire incidents that destroyed northern California in 2017, the Tamayo family was unable to escape and set their two horses free hoping they would survive.  With the horses gone, Rescue finally came and airlifted the family to safety.  Worried about their horses, Lolly and Sammie, the Tamayo family feared the worst.  Finally, The Tamayo’s was able to return home, couple of days later, Lolly and Sammie made an appearance… both not only survived the raging fires, but made it unscaled all the way back!

7 The Traveling Cat


Here is the story of a kitty named Kuzya, in 2004, him and his family were summer vacationing in eastern Europe when the cat got frighten by something and run away. Unable to find him after searching for him for weeks, the family came back home without their furry friend and with all their hopes lost… one day, 3 months later, Kuzya, showed up at their front door! The kitty traveled some 1000 miles across Siberia to cuddle with his favorite people! Being skeptic of this miracle, Kuzya was taken to the vet to be cheeked and have his identity confirmed.

6 The Chip That Saved The Day!


Nika the fox terrier was exploring her backyard and got out though a small crack on the fence in Newburgh, New York, at 6 months of age, her owners where concern she would not know how to come back. Fliers, phone calls to the local shelter and earth was turned looking for their beloved Nika… unfortunately nothing worked.  One year later, Nika was a fun memory of the past, but a phone call changed their lives!  Nika was found and identified by the animal shelter in Ocala Florida, that’s 1,090 miles away! The microchip implanted gave the shelter workers all they needed to bring the family back together!

5 Down The Rabbit Hole


What do most dogs do when a doorbell rings? Yea, bark!! Thank goodness, this little border terrier named Henry did it too! While running across a field in Prestbury, Britain, the unfortunate pup, fell into a rabbit hole! The fire rescue was called to save Henry but they could not find him even with a snake eye camera! A clever idea emerged from worry.  Moments later a speaker was placed near the hole and the sound of a doorbell started playing.  Triggered by the bell, Henry started barking making it much easier for rescue to dig him out!

4 Kitty Come Home


If you have a pet, you may have done this, open the door to a room, go inside, close the door behind you when done later to find your pet had followed you like a little ninja and got looked inside?  That did happen to me with pudy tad the foster cat from part one of this video series!  Something like this happened to Crockett but it was not a room that trapped him, but a sofa.  The incident occurred while the family was donating a sofa that had to be taken apart before mounting it to the truck. Once the movers left, the family found the cat missing… 4 days later the new owners of the sofa heard a faint mew coming from inside… you guess it, Crockett had gotten stuck inside the sofa that had to be destroyed so he would be reunited with his owners.

3 Wild Navigation


There have been many studies on animal’s migration and how they do it. It was reported that sea birds travel mostly by observing the sun and the stars and would more likely get lost during a cloudy ski. A more unique research involved dung beetles inside a planetarium.  The Beetles would find their way back unless the fake stars changed! Without observing the skies, baby sea turtles use the earth’s electromagnetic field to navigate after hatching!

2 Beagle Warrior


Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting a neighborhood dog who is loved by the entire community? Dusty Simon is that dog. Unlike some of the luckier animals mentioned earlier this beloved staple in the subdivision Dusty Simon went missing without a trace… the entire community went looking for him to no avail… after weeks of searching, no clues where found until one afternoon, one of the neighbors saw him lying in her front yard. He had suffered serious injuries to his back legs and had fractured his pelvis… The vet thought Dusty probably got hit by a car and dragged himself several miles using only his front legs.  The medical expenses were very high but the entire community loved him and together paid for his surgeries and care.  Dusty Simon made a full recovery!

1 How Do Pets Make It Back?


If there is no social media or a microchip to help our pets return home, How Do Pets Make It Back? Apparently, dogs use their sense of smell to recognize places. Basically, trailing back to familiar scents, like that of its owner and recognizing its way back home.  But cats seem to hone home differently, like the sea turtles, they may rely more on the electromagnetic field, it was discovered that the ears in many mammals contain iron that cues them into the right direction towards home. But don’t rely on your pet’s abilities to get back! As mentioned in couple of the stories, many pets were successfully reunited because of their human-pet bond but microchips with current information as well as name tags are a must! Minimum, name tags, ask your local shelter or nonprofit organizations for affordable microchips.  If you have a pet, you will be happy you did it!

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