Most Dangerous Animals That Could Be Lurking In Your Backyard

Your garden can be one of the most dangerous places on earth. There is a wide variety of wild animals in nature, and while many are often peaceful and pose no threat to our safety, some can be harmful in more ways than we think. Fortunately for some of us, we live far from the habitats of these wild animals, However, some of the most destructive animals on the planet may be hiding in your own backyard and not only that, you may be living with diseases hidden from view. Can you still feel safe? Pay close attention lets uncover The Most Dangerous Animals in your Garden.

10 Cute Mammals


We all love small, furry animals. Their tenderness captivates us with everything they do and sometimes we just want to hug them as if they were a stuffed toy; but appearances are deceiving, because even the smallest dog or the most fluffy rabbit can transmit one of the most deadly diseases for the human being: rabies. Rabies lyssavirus is almost 100% fatal when not treated in time and can be transmitted with just a bite from an infected animal. Dogs, cats, squirrels, foxes and raccoons are the most common animals that can carry this disease in addition to others such as leptospirosis and even tuberculosis. The most serious thing is that these animals can transmit the disease before showing any symptoms; so think twice before feeding that cute and harmless little squirrel you always see in your backyard. But if you can feed the opossums, the probability of them getting the rabies virus is extremely low. Opossums are so amazing that they can survive the venom of snakes and scorpions!

9 Black Widow


Due to the clear difference in size, humans are not prey to this spider and its intention is not to harm us. That does not mean that a simple bite from this animal cannot cause unimaginable pain. The female of this species has a poison 15 times more toxic than a rattlesnake. Who would think that such a small animal could hold so much poison.

Although it is unlikely that the Black Widow bite will kill you, it is better not to risk it, as it will cause severe pain and muscle spasms for a whole week. How is your fear of spiders now?

8 Mosquito

Dangerous animals in your backyard

We live with them daily and almost no region is spared from having them. Although it may not seem like it, mosquitoes are considered the deadliest animal on the planet. Not because they are poisonous or feed on human flesh, but because they can transmit diseases as deadly as malaria, encephalitis, and viruses like Zika and West Nile. Mosquitoes are estimated to cause around a million fatalities a year.

Mosquitoes tend to be more present in tropical areas, but don't let your guard down because certain plants and stagnant water sources can easily attract them. So, if you see a mosquito, do not hesitate to protect yourself. But from what mosquito gender should you run from? only the females bite while the males take nectar from the flowers and are even great pollinators. So if you love the ecosystem, but not mosquitoes. As an alternative to toxic chemicals, you can use citronella or perhaps a high-frequency electronic repellent. Mosquitoes love me, so I'm always looking for ways to protect myself from them and avoid the swelling with menthol or a hot spoon on the bite. But avoid burning yourself, always careful…

7 Brown Tree Snake


This snake is characterized by transforming a colorful and lively forest into a silent, creepy and desolate one, since they usually eradicate all the birds that have the bad luck to live in the same place as these reptiles. Although mainly inhabiting the islands of the South Pacific and northern Australia, the brown tree snake has been seen in highly populated cities, in its parks and gardens where children play.

Its venom is not dangerous, but a particular movement of its bite, like a chewing, makes it particularly painful and annoying. Curiously, the brown tree snake love to chew on wire. It has a habit of damaging electrical networks and causing large blackouts. So this snake not only causes you great pain, but also leaves you without electricity. Great…

6 Wild Pigs


These animals differ from wild boars in that they descend from domestic pigs after they were released into the wild. They do not really pose a danger to us humans, but they do to the livestock, crops and plants that we may have. In Hawaii, Wild pigs eat everything in their path and can fit in their mouths, they can even invade the pens of other animals and infect them with dangerous diseases.

Wild pigs breed a lot and also recruit domestic pigs to join their herd, making it difficult to keep the population of these animals under control. Without a doubt they are quite intelligent and worthy of respect animals. If you travel to the Bahamas, visit Pig Beach, well known for being overpopulated by wild pigs. It is a tourist attraction today.

5 Domestic Cats


Cats are one of the most popular companion animals in the world. We all like to have a furry friend to play and hug. But did you know that this soft and harmless exterior hides one of the deadliest assassins in the animal kingdom? It may seem incredible to you, but domestic cats have caused the extinction of 33 species and the list increases every year, this because they hunt not only for food, but also for fun.

It's also true that cats' criminal instincts help them be great at controlling pests like mice, but this can easily get out of control, increasing the cat population and leaving them with nothing to hunt. So take good care of your furry friend, spay and neuter and avoid letting him out of your house.

4 European Starling


We all enjoy the birds singing in the morning, it is without a doubt one of the best ways to get up every day. But within those beautiful melodies can hide one of the most invasive species in the animal kingdom. That is the case of the European starling, an aggressive bird that displaces native species from their habitats, leaving them without food and having young more quickly. They are also known to be a little daring, destroying bird nests larger than themselves and not easily scared by human activity.

Because they move in large numbers, they can even shoot down an aircraft on their own. The European starling certainly likes trouble. It looks like a horror movie ...

3 Brown Rat


Considered the deadliest rat in the world, this small animal was in charge of transporting and transmitting the Black Death or bubonic fever due to the fleas that it housed, it was the worst plague that humanity has suffered and left nearly 25 million dead in Europe alone. Added to this is the fact that the entire population of birds on certain islands has disappeared, due to their ability to easily climb any surface and eat everything they dare.

These rats are so invasive that there are even some islands in Alaska known as the "Rat Islands", since from 1780 until 2009 they were infested with these rodents. Warning, they usually live near us and can even climb pipes, so you should be careful the next time you go to the bathroom.

2 African Giant Snail


This is easily the scariest animal we will talk about today. These snails can grow to almost 17 centimeters, the same as a brown rat; But that is not what makes them terrifying, the African giant snail is also known as the Giant House Snail. Yes, just as you hear it. Not only are they giants, but they also eat human houses, since the material known as stucco has essential proteins to help the growth of its shell.

These mollusks became famous in 2011 when they began to invade the state of Florida in the United States and are now in Colombia and other countries in South America. In the United States, it is believed that this invasion is due to an African sect that usually performs rituals with this type of snail and that one of its practitioners set them free to avoid being captured by the police. In South America it was sold as an elixir for the skin due to the properties of its slime. But there is more, the African giant snail can infect humans with a parasitic worm that causes meningitis, simply by coming into contact with their feces. Quite dangerous. I have seen them.. they are like a horror movie gliding in the night during warm days... and they are hard to eradicate...

1 Coywolf

By TwoWild - Coywolf, CC BY-SA 2.0,
By TwoWild - Coywolf, CC BY-SA 2.0,

In our video on hybrid animals we talked about the coywolf. Although they have a rather strange name, it is very common to find this hybrid between coyote and wolf in populated areas and parks, as they are not afraid of humans. Although they are not particularly dangerous for us, they can be for your pets. They have the ability to jump over backyard fences and will not hesitate to attack your dog or cat.

To avoid being attacked by a coywolf, you have to move your hands in the air and make loud sounds, but be careful, you can find several at once, in which case it will not be so easy to drive them away.



As you could see, there are undoubtedly a large number of dangerous animals very close to you, ready to harm you, your pets or your garden. But don't worry, there are simple ways to keep these hazards off your property. For example, you can grow native plants in your backyard, this will attract small insects like the ladybug and preymantis, which help control pests. You can also plant certain types of plants like mints, and elderberry that scare away rodents, and lavender that scare away stray cats. A cool tip that will save you time: According to the experts, it is NOT recommended to collect the grass clippings when you mow it, as this can help you have a much healthier grass, no need to add expensive fertilizers.

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