Simple & Cheap Inventions You Need

Inventions, they’ve revolutionized the world, from the light bulb to cars and rockets.  Those were groundbreaking, but how about these simple cheap inventions you need every day? From hands-free party plates to baby mops.  Here are the best and cheapest inventions you want to have. What’s the coolest gadget you’ve ever seen?

15 The Multi-Tasker Umbrella

The Multi-Tasker Umbrella

Ugg, it's raining outside, you have your hands full with your purse or briefcase, coffee on the other hand and the umbrella carried under your arm… the image is all too familiar… but with this cool invention, you can carry all that and look cool!! This patent-pending umbrella sells for less than 30USD and carries your cup for you so you can focus on not getting wet! This is truly the perfect multitasker umbrella under the rain!

14 Snorelax Sleeping Strip

Stop-Snoring Stickers

A dream come true for everyone who has a partner who snores! Far from chin strap, earplugs, or kicking the snoring person until they are quiet… for 5 minutes! The solution is so new that the company is preselling the product! The Snorelax Sleeping Strips is basically a multi-layer sheet that adheres to each side of the jaws and holds them with enough grip to prevent the jaw from falling back and obstructing the airways. Apparently, it's hypoallergenic and strong enough for the entire night. It's disposable so for about a dollar a day… a good night's sleep is worth it!

13 GPS for your Dog!

GPS for your Dog!

By now you know I love animals and I cannot tell you about cool inventions without mentioning some awesome ones for your pets. Meet the smart collar. It's not only is it stylish, but it also loaded with a GPS tracker, a health monitor, and an activity tracker!  You can also use it to monitor temperature changes to prevent heat strokes and even train your dog with sounds.  It's like a Fitbit for your pooch worth less than a 100USD!!!

12 NON-Touch Littler Box

NON-Touch Littler Box

We must also talk about kitties, cats are wonderful and so easy to have around the home.  One little, okay…  huge problem cat owners encounter is the littler box. You try to clean it every day but sometimes it’s just so not fun. There are electronic cat litter boxes but based on research, they are not worth the investment. For 40uds, A cool invention though is the rotating litter box. No liners, no electricity, just rotate and the waste gets collected in a pull away tray. I had it in my home and it was easy to use!!!

11 I Have The Power

I Have The Power

Childhood and Legos, those two go hand in hand, it was fun to build things and add more pieces to the construction to make something incredible right? Now, you love your electronic gadgets, your gaming console, blue ray, computer tablet, so on and so forth… and what would you do if your plugs are all different sizes? Some power strips have pivoting plugs with prices ranging from 13 USD and beyond.   Although that’s fun, a cooler invention gives you not only pivoting but you can add more outlets to the unit!! Plugging all your toys has never been this fun!

10 Hands-Free Party Plates


You are at a party and have your glass in one hand, a plate full of food and a napkin in the other… it seems like it's going to be a juggling act to even put it all that on the table to say hi to Bernie, this weekend! Well, this cool invention will save you from having to let go of your food to later have to remember where you left your drink.  There are dinner plates that now have the cup holder built-in!! No more worrying!! There are all kinds, some fancy for wine glasses while others are multi drink!! No more wondering how you’re going to hold your glass and eat at the same time.

9 Butter Dispenser

Butter Dispenser

Butter!! Everything tastes better with it! Corn on the cob, toast, you name it butter is the way to go. With this new invention, you don’t need to worry about getting an even coat of butter on your favorite foods, just use it like a Chapstick, and voila! Easy, clean, and fun!! See how your friends respond at the next bbq! I am sure for less than 10uds, it will be a hit! You can even fill it with other spreads.  No more mess in the butter with this butter boss!!!

8 Mobile Magnet Mount

MobileMagnet Mount.

This is a gadget you must have especially if you drive around town and need to have your phone nearby.  The magnetic car mount is a phone or GPS holder that uses magnets to attach the hand free device to any dashboard.  What makes it cool, besides de hands-free capabilities is that you can easily install it and avoid anyone breaking into your car since it's very easy to take your phone or navigation tool with you. There are many similar types and most cost anywhere from about 8 to about 14USD! Anyone with a car would love this invention!

7 Computer Cool

Computer Cool

There are so many fun things you can attach to your laptop to make it more you! Speakers, fun USB sticks, and more but this one is not only refreshing but also time telling.  The USB fan light LED clock attaches to the USB and as the fan starts moving, the rotating soft blades allow the clock image to appear like magic.  It can be attached to any USB and is safe if touched! For less than 16 dollars, you can have a cool workspace with a reflecting clock to keep you staying on task.

6 Roller Notes

post it note tape

You have to leave a note and what better way than on a sticky note?.  Now multiply the fun with this note roller invention. You’re not limited anymore by the size of the paper, just roll and write and once done, just cut!.  This roller note looks like a regular classic paint roller. For about 10 dollars, it also includes a long layer of sticky note paper that is easy to trim once you are done writing and it’s easy to remove, without leaving any glue residue.

5 Swiss Army Phone Case

Swiss Army Phone Case

Outdoor time is an adventure, you go hiking, fishing while camping. You bring with you all the cooking utensils, food, all the things you need to have fun on your vacation.  But you may not have thought of tools you would need in an emergency, like getting a splinter of your finger, cutting a fishing line, saving a tangled animal … no worries, this is a must-have if you are adventurous and love to have your phone and survival tools all in one. With about 20 or more functions and tools, convert your phone case into more than a phone protector. For about 17 USD, there is no need to carry your phone and remember your swiss knife when you travel! This phone case puts MacGyver to shame!!

4 Baby Mop!

Baby Mop!

You have a baby! they are like the energizer bunny when it comes to moving around all over the place! your little one is crawling like a champ!!! So, to make parents lives’ easier, someone, perhaps a tired parent, came up with a clever idea and Baby mops were invented!!  Well, might as well make great use of this littles one eagerness to crawl around while cleaning your floor. According to the makers of the baby mop, for about 40usd, this product “will not only teach your baby a strong work ethic but also help them tone muscles while making the floors spotless” it sounds like a joke, that actually works!

3 Magic Cups

Magic Cups

What do you get for the person who has everything? especially if they like their drinks really hot? a charming color changing coffee mug would be a perfect choice! as the cup is heating up from the hot beverage, it reveals the image you chose! How fun to give to a grandparent or anyone you care about. If it’s too complicated to find the perfect image, then get any of the premade styles, the battery charging design for sure will work and they are about 10 to 15 USD!

2 Fantastic Photos

2 Fantastic Photos

Professional photographers carry very expensive equipment to take the perfect pictures, capture the moment, and make it timeless!  But what do you take on vacation? No need to spend lots of money on fancy equipment with these attachments for your phone, there are different types of lenses that give you a professional look for less than 8uds each.  So, see if you can get so good as to get your friends into hiring you for the next picture-worthy event!

1 The Star Wars Of Bread Toasters

The Star Wars Of Bread Toasters

Who cool would it be if you cold use a sable from Star Wars not only for playing but to toast your bread!!!  Well, toasting has gotten more fun with this cool invention. A portable toaster the size of a knife! The look is not as cool as a lightsaber from Star Wars, but it does the job! One of the cool features include the butterflies appearing as the temperature rises.  This one is so new it has not hit the market yet!

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