Random Things At Home Worth A Fortune

The things laying around your house that might be worth a fortune… From toys to music and old collectibles that look like trash, there may be some surprising treasures in your attic that can make you rich.

11 A Record Breaking Price!


A rare copy of David Bowie’s 1974 diamond dog album on vinyl has a bizarre story worth some serious cash! When it was about to be released to the public, the label company RCA got worried about the featured image used. In the original, Bowie’s bottom half was interposed with a “dogs bottom half, jewels and all”. Regretting the choice, RCA reprinted the cover as we know it. But copies of the original got loose and are now worth about 4000!

10 Sign Of The Times


The advertising industry has a lot to do with some things out up in price. That includes, some of the hotter items worth some cash. The old vintage signs. Before tv, advertisers would create tin signs on restaurants, gas stations and so forth. Today, some of those old signs can be very pricey. Vintage brands like Griesedieck or Falstaff beers can sell for about 500USD but better-known beer brands like old Milwaukee, couple of thousand! The traditional and most popular and copied sign is the coca-cola that can list for over 600! See if any of your family members owned a gas station or a bar, they can make enough money for a nice vacation!

9 Most Expensive Toys


G.I Joe, Transformer, He-man! These are the iconic toys of children in the 80’. Cartoons, movies and more inundated Saturday mornings for children all over.  Now as an adult, I hope you still have any of the “big three” for they can be worth some cash! For action figures, boxes are better to have, it brings more revenue for you. If you still have the Dreadnok Thunder Machine from G.I. Joe, you could be sitting on about 500! But if you have the he-man Masters of the Universe Eternia playset, in a box, you could easily ask for 10000! Imagine also the cost of any Star Wars or some tiny babies!

8 What Would You Pay For A CD?


You may be surprised to know that not only vinyl’s go up in price. Spotify, youtube, any online access to music has limited the purchase of CDs and you may have discarded CDs as not worth much. But you will be amazed to know that special edition cds go up in price too! You can find a Justin Timberlake gold album form his 20/20 experience tour has become a collector’s item! One was auctioned for about 3000 on eBay!

7 Barbies!


We cannot talk about expensive old things without mentioning another iconic item children all over the world coveted! You or your sibling probably played with a barbie doll, ken, clothing the house the car... you name it, Mattel company had it ready for your poor overwhelmed parents to purchase, it was not easy! But not all the older vintage barbies are the pricey ones. In 2008 the Vera wang bride barbie is now worth over 1000! And remember, in the box, its best!

6 Never Recycle!


Okay don’t recycle everything…There are shows about hoarders, people who save everything. One of the first things they coach the hoarder to throw away are old magazines. If you are well informed, then, you know most of the magazines are recycling worthy. But see if you have any of the vintage time, playboy or vogue. The older the better! a 1975 playboy magazine in mint condition was sold for almost 200USD! Not bad for those old pages.

5 “Super” Sales!

house fortune things laying around

Superman, captain America, wonder woman! Some of the best comic heroes off all times. Superheroes can be seen in pretty much any channel and by any one regardless of age and gender. If you own any vintage superhero comics, you may be sitting in a lot of money! Some of the hotter items found on eBay right now are copies of the black panther series written in the 70’. An auction for the 15th issue was sold for about 200USD! The black panther’s own debut comic book... up to about $1000. DC Justice League or Marvel’s Avengers comic books... so fun to read as children and so valuable as adults!

4 Stitching Together Some Extra Cash


Grandma may be sitting in a lot of cash! She may have done some doll patterns for your bear or doll or been so lucky to have her made you a dress for the prom. I remember having mine made! Anyway, sawing was big in the past specially during the depression era. So even if you already sold grandmas sawing machine, check her sawing patterns. Companies like vogue used to sell very high couture cutout patterns for avid sawyers to make at home. The Sonia Rykiel top and skirt cutout could be worth over 150 dollars! What else does grandma have worth a pretty penny?!

3 The Pricey Happy Meals


How happy would you be now if you discovered that a happy meal toy you got as a child and kept on a box in your closet is now worth a lot of cash? Well, check and see because apparently, there is a demand on eBay for happy meal toys! Anything from McDonalds, Burger King and other popular fast-food restaurants.   The collection sets sell the best and can price as high as 500 or more! Check and see if you still have any of them laying in a drawer, you may have more cash than you thought of.

2 The First Editions!


This is fun to go hunting for if you like books, VHS tapes and more. There are so many state and garage sales that just want to get rid of books, vinyl, they are treasures waiting to be found! Some of the most pricy finds are first edition books! The great Gatsby can sell for about 3000! Jane Austen ‘s Sense and Sensitivity was sold for 35000 and the icing on the cake was the lord of the rings trilogy for about 84000! Other hot items are VHS! Disney specially with the beauty and the beast rare copy costing about 12000! So, check and see what you have in your home! You may be able to pay your kid’s college with some of the hot items collecting dust in your home!

1 Stamp Some Cash!


Stamps, you may think old and rare are the best, and you are right. But there are some newer ones worth some cash too. The 90’s rare stamps have some high prices. This bugs bunny sheet form 1997 was sold for about 100. But the 1992 Junior duck stamps are worth about 1000! I know I have the bugs bunny one somewhere! I save it because it was cute… Now I just have to find it…

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