Unbelievable Animals That Saved People’s Lives

Heroic Animals! You don’t have to go to the movies or read comics to see a superhero. Take a look around you because animals can be superheroes too. They have been known to save people’s lives in the nick of time. From unbelievable rescues to subtle saves that make a big impact, there is no doubting their unlimited bravery.  Come take a look with me at the unbelievable stories of heroic animals saving people’s lives.

12 Dog Saves Newborn


We know that dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. The fluffy animals are truly loyal to their families and other humans. A stray dog in South Arabia saved a baby from certain death and made a family very happy.  While searching for food, the dog came upon a trash bin where a few-days-old baby had been abandoned. The dog picked up the newborn and put the baby on the porch of a nearby house. The family took the baby immediately to the hospital. Thankfully, the girl survived and only sustained minor injuries.

11 Tiger Saves Caretaker From Leopard


We all know that lions, tigers, and other big cats are often misunderstood animals. Plus, There are poachers that illegally hunt these big cats for sport… circuses and illegal breeders that abuse these beautiful felines too. Eduardo Serio is the co-founder of The Black Jaguar White Tiger foundation. An organization that helps rescue these big cats. Often times he can be found spending time with the big cats of his sanctuary. One day while he was calmly petting a lion, a leopard rushed at him from behind. His tiger friend saved the day by jumping up at the leopard and stopping the attack. Even though the leopard came after him, he still has lots of love for all of these felines, the leopard included.

10 Giant Rats


It’s the middle of the night, your room is dark and you hear it. It’s the sound of scratching in the walls and footsteps in the ceiling. It is at that moment you know you have rats. We think of rats as carrying diseases and destroying our clothes. Some giant rats are not nuisances at all; in fact, they’re heroes. in Tanzania, Angola, and Mozambique these rats have been trained to save lives. They are able to sniff out landmines so that residents can go out to get water and live their lives safely. They even have the superpower to sniff out tuberculosis in ten minutes. TB tests usually take an entire day and are extremely expensive. These rats are a cheaper and more effective way to detect the deadly illness. So far, these rats have saved tens of thousands of lives.

9 The Most Heroic Chicken


You may have noticed while visiting a farm or chicken coop that chickens generally squawk about during the day. They squawk to call their chicks and to communicate with one another. They can also use their voices to alert others of danger. On December 2012, A couple woke up in the early morning hours after hearing their chicken Cluck Cluck squawking loudly in desperation. When they went to check on her, they were shocked to see their garage on fire. The fire detectors did not work, but their chicken dutifully alerted them to the danger. They fled their house but could not get the chicken out. Thankfully, she was found by firefighters to be alive. The chicken had originally been saved from their neighbors, the original owners, that were going to kill her for not laying eggs and having a lame foot. Maybe she was paying this couple back for their kindness.

8 Saved By The Dolphins He Helped Save


Swimming in the ocean can be a fun and exciting activity. But what if you were to encounter a shark while you were swimming? It would probably feel like your worst nightmare. Well a British long-distance swimmer Adam Walker came face-to-face with this exact situation. The swimmer was swimming in the open waters off the coast of New Zealand for a good cause. He was raising money for whale and dolphin conservation. During his long swim, he saw a Great White Shark quickly approaching him. To his pleasant surprise, a group of dolphins came and accompanied him on his swim. They stayed with the swimmer until the shark gave up and left. He was able to complete his swim without becoming shark food.

7 The Cat Who Can Smell Illness


Most of us know somebody that has been diagnosed with cancer or another serious illness. It can be heartbreaking to watch them struggle with pain and sickness. Sometimes these illnesses go undetected for a long time making it even more difficult for treatment and recovery. In 2014, Sue MacKenzie’s illness was detected by Tom, her pet cat. Sue thought it was unusual that her cat had been strangely affectionate. He normally was not the cuddly type, preferring to be by himself. He kept pawing at her neck and whining. She took Tom to the vet, but he was fine. She was the one that wasn’t fine. He had been alerting her to a lump at the back of her neck. It turned out to be stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Luckily, the woman caught the disease in time and her treatments were successful.

6 Lifeguard Dog Saves Baby


You’ve probably been to the pool before and had lots of fun swimming and playing games with your friends and family. Pools are great for summertime fun, but you have to be careful because they can be dangerous too. A mom was walking to her garage to get a shovel with her toddler following behind her. Except when she got to the garage, her toddler wasn’t hovering at her ankles as she would have expected. Instead, he was face-up at the surface of the pool. He had already turned a blue color. Their family dog was nearby and brought the unconscious boy out of the water. After going to the fire department and later being admitted to the hospital, it was determined the boy would be okay.

5 William The Parrot


We know parrots to be talking birds. After they hear us speaking, they imitate our sounds and words. It’s an amazing gift that can even save lives. One babysitter had a close call while working. She was in the bathroom when she heard William the parrot making lots of noise and flapping his wings. Once he started saying “mommy baby” she knew something had to be very wrong. Sure enough, the two-year-old little girl she was babysitting was choking on some food and couldn’t breathe. Her complexion had become blue. If Hannah had stayed in the bathroom any longer, the result could have been very different for the girl. Thanks to William the parrot for alerting the babysitter, the little girl survived her choking fit.

4 Beluga Whale Vs. The Artic


Most of us learn how to swim when we were young. Which usually turns in to competitions with other kids, like, how long can you hold your breath. Adults like to play games too. But adults take it to the extreme. And may add animals for fun on occasion.  Well, there is a similar competition for adults.  Yang Yun, a 26-year-old diver, took part in a diving competition. The rules were for the competitors to dive in 20 feet of arctic-like waters without breathing equipment. Things took a turn for the worse when the cold temperature of the water caused massive cramps in her legs. She was essentially paralyzed in the water, unable to come up to the surface. Mila the beluga saw the diver in need of help and came to the rescue. The whale clamped its jaws down around the diver’s leg and pushed her up to the surface.

3 Dory The Heroic Rabbit


Watching television with family can be a relaxing pastime; many of us kick off our shoes and unwind in front of the screen after a long day of work. What could possibly go wrong, right? For one couple, watching tv was almost a deadly affair. The husband, a diagnosed diabetic, had fallen unconscious on the couch. His wife was unaware, thinking he had just fallen asleep as usual during the tv program. Dory, their pet rabbit, knew that he was in grave danger. The rabbit jumped and poked at the owner’s chest incessantly until the wife looked over to see that her husband was not simply asleep. An ambulance was called to take him to the hospital immediately. Fortunately, he made a full recovery.

2 The Horse Who Saved A Boy From A Grizzly


Usually, horse rides are a fun adventure. Rarely, they can become dangerous. On a tour through Glacier National Park in Montana, a grizzly threatened the entire tour group. They had unintentionally crossed paths with the bear as it was chasing down a deer. Once the grizzly saw the horses and the horses saw the charging bear, chaos ensued. a couple of the horses ran to safety. One ran in a different direction, and the bear decided to chase after it. Atop the horse was a young boy on his first horseback ride ever. Tonk a large horse and his rider went after the boy to save him from the grizzly. Horses typically will not willingly run towards danger, but this horse trusted his rider enough to chase after the grizzly and even face off with the bear. The sheer size and confidence of the horse sent the grizzly running. The boy and the rest of the group were saved from a sinister ending.

1 Guide Dog Saves Man On Train Tracks

Animals saving humans

If you’ve ever taken the subway to work or school or anywhere really, you would know that you are never supposed to cross the yellow line. If you did, you would be too close to the train, and you could even fall on the tracks. A blind man was waiting for his train when he suddenly felt dizzy. He quickly lost his balance and crossed the yellow line falling squarely onto the tracks. His guide dog bravely leaped down to be with his owner. He was licking his face trying to get him to move. The frantic movement of the guide-dog called the attention of the train conductor who immediately slowed down. Both the dog and the owner made it off the tracks safely thanks to the dog’s heroic efforts.


So if you’re looking for a superhero, look no further than the animals around you. They might just be the hero you need. One more reason to be kind to animals, you just don’t know when a rescue chicken or even a wild dolphin may come to your rescue!

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