Weird Things You Didn’t Know Your Body Could Do

The human body… We think we know our bodies but there are so many things that will shock you! From your Fear Shaped Eyes, zebra-striped skin, and body parts that never stop growing, to why we have innies and outies and which one is better, here are the most bizarre things you didn’t know about your body! If you like this video subscribe and, in the comments, tell us, what’s the Weirdest body oddity you’ve ever seen.

14 Your Hungry-Everchanging Brain

Your Hungry-Everchanging Brain

Not thinking clearly? You may be hungry! According to research, even though your brain is only about 2% of your body weight, the brain is a hungry little caterpillar, and it requires a lot of calories and oxygen to function properly, in fact, about 20% of your daily intake!! On a similar note, did you know that age affects your brain? In this case puberty?  Yea, no wonder those teenage years are memorable, hormones like testosterone and progesterone influence the development of neurons in the brain. That would explain the behavior changes, emotional awkwardness, poor decision-making… you get the picture.

13 Why You Have Zebra Stripes!

Why You Have Zebra Stripes!

cats, tigers, zebras!  Stripes come to mind! But did you know you have stripes too?  We have lines although invisible, different cells start expressing different genes and the variation is passed to other cells too.  They are called Blaschko’s lines and regardless of age, those lines can be seen if a disease affects only one kind of cell and not the other. Dr. Blaschko noticed patients coming with different skin diseases but patterns that didn’t change. In the back, they look like a v shape, “S” shape across the chest, and swirls around the head.

12 Body Parts That Keep Growing

Body Parts That Keep Growing

Most of us have at least 3 pairs of shoes, we women, well, we may have 3 of each kind, snickers, sandals… you get the point.  But how would you feel if your favorite shoe doesn’t fit you anymore? According to research, our feet keep growing as we age, due to tendons and ligaments getting weak over the years. If you love shoes… keep an eye on it! By the age or 75, your feet may be a size larger…  And your ears and nose keep growing too!!

11 Human vs. Chimp!

Human vs. Chimp!

Hair. You may not see it much or maybe you remove all vestiges of them besides maybe on your hair and eyebrows. According to studies, you have as many hairs as a chimpanzee and there is a lot that we, the “civilized” species have adapted to.  Science speculates that we lost the hair to help us sweat more easily and rid toxins out of our system, also to reduce the ticks and lice that like to inhabit our hairy cousins.  But chimps and we are not very far apart when it comes to genetics, we do share 98% DNA with chimps.

10 More Than Human

More Than Human

Forget the hand sanitizers!! You are fuller of bacteria more than you may ever want to know!! No worries, bacteria can be our friends and help us fight the harmful ones as well as viruses that attack us every day.  A half-gallon full of bacteria is more or less what you got in you and started since you were born.  According to a study, over 2000 species of bacteria can be found on your bellybutton alone, some could be from parts of the world you have never been to!  so, the reasons you eat yogurt is to add more bacteria to your gut, they help you stay regulated, fight candida, and even prevent you from becoming vitamin deficient! Bacteria to the rescue!

9 It’s Smarter Than You!

It’s Smarter Than You!

Gut feeling? They may be more reasonable than you thought.  According to research, your gut has more neurons there than many animals have in their brain!! This cluster of neurons in our stomach is called the 2nd brain. This Intestinal Intelligence It does not directly connect to your actual brain but does work very hard on keeping you free of thinking about digesting food the 2nd brain does it for you.  95% of the happy neurotransmitters known as serotonin can actually be found on your stomach. So if you are feeling upset, irritated, your gut may be to blame.

8 The Miracle of Milk

The Miracle of Milk

All mammals, produce milk to nourish the newborn until the babies are ready to feed themselves.  The human body is so incredible that milk is produced depending on the needs of the baby, the age, activity level, and therefore nutritional needs.  When a baby is born the milk, at this stage called colostrum is mostly antibodies ready to assist in building the immune system of the child, as the baby grows, the milk adapts as well. Colostrum is so powerful that it can heal skin burns, ear, and eye infections!

7 Glow in The Dark

Glow in The Dark

This sounds like part of the avatar movie but did you know you actually glow? Humans produce a very low level of light radiating through our bodies. we cannot see it but according to Japanese researchers, it was found that our head and neck glow stronger during the day and it has to do with our metabolism and the free radicals our bodies produce through cell respiration.

6 Your Mom Is A Virus

Your Mom Is A Virus

Several years ago, the mapping of Human DNA done by the Human genome project, discovered how much influence viruses have on our DNA.  Viruses are incapable of reproducing on their own so they have to attach themselves to a DNA strand from its host.  If the virus attaches itself to a sperm or egg cell, the virus will be carriers into the genetic makeup of the child.  This is so common that as a result, humans have 9% of our genetic makeup come from viruses! And Did you know you share 50% of your genetic makeup with a banana?

5 The Innies & Outs Of Belly Buttons

The Innies _ Outs Of Belly Buttons

Belly buttons, they are our most obvious connection to our mother as we got feed via the umbilical cord that later became our belly button.  There are two types of them and only 1% of people have an outie? The cool thing is that outies are more hygienic since dirt cannot accumulate and it's easier to clean.  They happen because when the umbilical cord is cut, a little bit more of it is left. So, when it dries out, there is more skin leftover Although outies are a rarity, according to surveys innies are more attractive.

4 Your Weight Is Contagious!

Your Weight Is Contagious!

The saying “show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are”, is very true, we are affected by the body mass gain or loss of the people we spend the most time with.  The New England journal of medicine suggests that If your significant other is obese, you are 37% more likely to become obese too!!  Apparently, obesity goes viral as its been noted to spread through social media.

3 Your Fear Shaped Eyes

Your Fear Shaped Eyes

You may have seen it on cats that their pupils dilate when they are overstimulated. Same thing with your eyes.  When you are frightened, your body responds by dilating your pupils and therefore increase your field of vision. That way you can actually be able to figure out a plan of action. You may have seen in cats that their pupils dilate when they are overstimulated and are ready to attack or flee. The same with your eyes. When you are afraid, your body responds by dilating your pupils and therefore increases your field of vision. In this way, you can discover an action plan. What do you prefer to do when you are afraid or are in danger?

2 The Theory of Wisdom

The Theory of Wisdomb

Dentists, wisdom teeth… not a fun mix.  As we have been evolving trough time from hunters and nomads to gatherers therefore a more sedentary agricultural life, our body and food habits have changed as well. Due to the higher levels of caloric intake that our ancestors had to consume to survive, the wisdom teeth were very needed. Now a day, we don’t have to work so hard to get our nutritional needs, so no need for wisdom teeth. Only 5% of the population have healthy wisdom teeth that fit into their mouths.

1 Your Self-Destructing Bones!!

your Self-Destructing Bones!!b

Working out and taking good care of our bodies keeps us trim and fit, fitness gurus tell us that weight can put a toll on our organs and bones, carrying that extra weight is not optimal and it affects us in the long run.  But not only weight can make us fragile, according to science, bones help us regulate calcium levels.  So, if for any reason you have a calcium deficiency, the cells in your body will take the calcium it needs from your bones making them fragile… so, remember to up calcium up, it’s found in lots more than just milk! Beans and leafy greens anyone?

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