What Girls Wish Guys Knew

Men & women…What do you know about relationships? Here are the things that guys don’t realize about us girls and girls wished guys knew! Just wait until you see number one!

11 Physical Contact


The question of the century... what women want? girls don’t always like the same things but there is some generally basic stuff you should know about, and you can build from there.  Let’s begin with the simplest things, how about holding hands? Yea, we girls like it, your girl wants to be the only hand you want to hold. Simple… so far… and if you want to know if a girl likes you, she will get closer to you and maybe even accidentally bump into you!

10 Guessing Game! Its Fun For Everyone!


This is not meant to be complicated but it may look to guys that we are a little confusing… many of us don’t have the telling-it-to-you straight microchip. We just want the guy to figure it out what we want.  We will drop hints and even mention a similar situation where we hope you can see yourself and therefore figure out that we want it too.  One thing we women can tell you is that if you think a girl likes you, there is a good change she really does.  You may have to hunt for the clue.

9 What The Eyes Say


Looking into someone’s eyes. there are songs made on this subject! The old saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul” does apply when it comes to finding out is she likes you.  Psychologist clue us into Visual contact!! If she likes you, she will hold your gaze longer than with any one else.  If she is shy, she may not hold her gaze long enough but the biggest clue: you will see her looking down after looking at you… keep and eye on that and discover if she likes you!

8 The Waiting Game… LOL


You take the time to write a nice message for someone, you know they read it and even started typing… but no reply arrives. A while later, the response you get seemed to have taken them less than 2 seconds to write... does not matter if you are a man or a woman, it’s just plain annoying.  But what most girls really, really, dislike is you not taking the time to acknowledge her. Abbreviations are not always the best responses, if you really like her, then show it with a nice response, we are not asking for a full paragraph, just few sentences that translate into “I do care about you, and what you have to say”

7 Green With Envy


Guys, this is not about being a macho, this is more about girls feeling important in their guys lives. girls don’t need a guy to be a guard dog about any man who says hi to them and guys definitely don’t have to run around following the girl’s every move. All girls want is her guy’s attention, some girls do it on purpose to make sure he notices her.  We girls just want to know that you guys care and feel vulnerable and that you are able to share your insecurities with us.  It makes us feel loved and protected.

6You Sneaky Bastard


Call it intuition, 6th sense… We have a lie finder radar… and are able to connect information in a way that not even sherlock Holmes can.  it’s not that we are hunting for data or reasons, we just seem to be able to land where the hole in the story is…. So, if you want her in your life for a long time, don’t lie, even if its to avoid an argument! We will respect you more for it!

5 Show Us Off


We love to feel acknowledged, and even a bigger compliment is to know that your guy friends know we exits and that you brag about us to them. Most of us actually like to go out with all your guy friends, as the only girl invited into the group, that is a huge vote of confidence. It really makes us fell that you really care and trust that we are not going to embarrass you with stories and personal things you have told us in confidence. Social approval is very important to us, specially from those closet to you!

4 The Wall


You truly like this woman, you trust her and she really like you for whom you are, then let her get closer to you. You don’t have to make her climb the walls of your personality and hide who you really are, lower your guard! And just let her in. According to experts, feeling invited into the inner world or psyche of a man is such an honor, and a faster way for her to really fall in love with the guy.  This is not to say to be vulnerable with anyone you meet, but come on, is she worth it or not? The last thing you want is your girl leaving you because she got tired of showing you she cared and got nowhere.

3 Complements

Things Girls Whish Guys Knew About Women

Shoes, hair, color coordination... a woman often want to dress nice for her guy, especially if she really likes him. Doesn’t have to be a complex getup, just simple lipstick may be more than out of the norm for some of us.  Regardless, we like to be seen and acknowledge if we got a hair cut or have a new top. Being noticed and honestly complemented, makes our day and makes us fall in love with our life and therefore with the guy we choose.

2 Machismo vs. Manners


Ladies, few of us get upset because a guy opens the door for us. But why?  a guy opening the door is a sign of good manners, education and respect, according to surveys, when asked a woman’s opinion on her views about a guy opening the door for a woman, around 70% of women viewed it as positive and described it as chivalrous and attentive. Some even described it as being treated like the queens they are.  Conclusion, guys, if you want her to like you even more and treat you like a king, make sure you treat her like a queen!

1 You Don’t Understand…


Have a tooth ache? We all understand that! Provably, the most important thing a girl wants a guy to know is when we she is not feeling good during the time of the month.  Women often complaint about this one! So guys, don’t compare cramping and PMS with anything that has ever happened to you! A guy will never be able to understand how that feels but he can show her he cares by bringing her, her favorite snack or even a warm tea or heating blanket!


Helping guys understand us girls, explored, let us know in a month how these tips helped you have a better relationship.

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