Why Your Dog Hates You

Dogs, man’s best friends! from hugging your dog to how you do walks wrong, here are the things your dog hates about you and wishes you knew!

12 You Talk To Much!


Understanding someone in a language you don’t speak, is hard! Dogs are no different, although the smarter breeds like collies, shepherds can understand up to 250 words, others may only get a few. So, if you want your dog to understand, you have to be very clear in what you are saying with your mouth and your body. According to experts, the best thing, besides human training during dog classes in to not “talk” to your dog, just be silent and see what the dog thinks you are saying! Like charades!

11 I Hate Hugs!

things your dog hates about you

We love hugs, if we are sad, a hug does the trick. We may think that others may interpret that the same way.  WE keep forgetting that our dogs are Not human and he doesn’t like you treating him like one.  In the dog world, having another dog’s paw on the back of your dog, is interpreted as an act of dominance.  That’s how alpha wolves, dominant coyotes and dogs keep the others inline.  So, by hugging your dog you are telling him to be submissive. What you don’t want is your furry friend being hug by anyone and he feeling threaten, fearful, upset! … that’s a bite waiting to happen!

10 Don’t Touch My Face!


Let me put it simply, some stranger approaches you and the first he does is touch your face or head?  Reaction? I am sure you pulled away very fast maybe even had the urge to tell them to stop, if not worse.  Your dog would love for you to know that he does not like it either!!!!! If it was up to him, a snarl or even a show of teeth at least, would have happened.  So, your dog wants me to tell you that he tolerates you doing it because you are the boss! But tell others to pet his back right by the tail… that’s the spot!

9 I Have Sensitive Ears!


I tell you, sometimes we just get so upset with our furry friends for stealing socks or eating left shoes only!! That we school them!! Full sentences, showing him the leftover pieces … to later comeback to the same thing and we start all over again…. Your pooch may actually learn faster what not to do with yelling and what to do, by rewarding what he is doing well. Next time you see Fido stealing your shoe, first, take a deep breath, then ask him to drop it, when he does, here is your moment to shine with rewards!!! Not easy! But will definitely work better in the long run!  It works well with humans too!!!

8 I Look Silly On Those!


Dressing your dog in a costume! am guilty of this too! According to the experts, dogs think being dressed up is just not as much fun as it is for you!! Smaller dogs fall victims to the dressing up more so than larger breeds! Some may actually love it, if they are social, all eyes on them may work! But if you have a shy dog, people staring at him will make him anxious and uncomfortable.  In the dog world, looking at another dog in the eyes is a sign of challenge or threat, so all that attention… Only a dog’s favorite human could gaze into his eyes and feel love in return….

7 I Get Sad Too!


Being alone the entire day is no fun for anyone! They get as tired of being alone as you of being at work! Dogs are pack animals and like to be with the entire pack, that includes all the humans that live in the household. so for the benefit of your dog, make sure you say hi to him and spend quality time with him. He Needs! Your attention or he may become depressed or vindictive… either way, not a fun pooch to come home to! You can have a walker or a doggie day car, but nothing will lift his spirit like you!

6 Don’t Make me Bite You!


Each dog is different, and would react to being approached based on their experiences.  it’s very important to warn anyone who wants to pet your dog. We, as dog owners have the responsibility to protect our furry friends. And just like with our children, part of caring and loving them is to learn to recognize when they are feeling vulnerable.  When your dog is being approached to be pet, is your dog tense? Is the head away? Avoids eye contact? Are the ears down? Are they licking their lips? Is the tail tall and stiff?  If any or all of those are yes answers... help protect him and others from a potential bite, your dog is the one who will lose even if he was being provoked.

5 The “Hurry Up!”


We love social media, it’s fun to relax for few minutes and read your newsfeed. Here is the thing, dogs like to explore their surroundings, going for walks not only helps them stay healthy, but it’s like checking out Facebook or Instagram, sniffing gives them the latest news on what happening in the neighborhood. So, when you drag him to hurry up and do his business, its like someone shutting down your internet before finishing your newsfeed! Now we understand!

4 The Vacuum Is Hunted!


Forcing yourself to get over your fears may work well for you. Your dog?... not so much. If you want your dog to not be afraid of the vacuum, fireworks, a car ride or even the vet, you need to take it very slowly! And have lots of treats available for when he does it right! Little by little reward him when he is calm, doesn’t have to be perfect at first, soothing voices are also encouraging! Fireworks are very scary for most dogs, in that case, music is a good therapy! In our fireworks video there are tips on how to help your dog deal with the loud noises!

3 You’re Breaking the Routine


Your dog loves weekends too! You both will get up at the crack of dawn, like every day yet, go for a longer adventure than during the week, right?!… wait, you want to sleep? Sorry! Your furry friend is to go for a walk at 6am! Dogs with a routine and consistent commands do better in the long run. It’s not to say he would not learn the weekend routine.  Experts say that regular exercise and clear directions will prevent your dog from acting out and he will behave better if he knows that a little more sleep for you, means a longer walk for him later… they are great negotiators that way!

2 Being In A Bad Mood


Dogs hate you being in a bad mood.  They are great at feeling your emotions and may even become physically affected by them.  If you are anxious, they will react to that by shutting down or acting out! or run from you if you are very upset.  Seeing your furry friend after a long day at work, being greeted with so much enthusiasm… how can you not smile!? According to research having a dog improves your mood, basically forces you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

1 Being Surrender To A Shelter


Our mascot Ned is a pound puppy who was surrendered by the previous owners! She was not spayed and peed on everything. The clashing of eating utensils on plates frighten her. It seems like they just did not take the time to understand her needs. Unfortunately, misunderstood pets pay the ultimate price and most end up abused and at the shelter.  When you get a pet, think about the animals in the shelters and have animal rescues help you find the best pet that fits your lifestyle!! Puppies take a long time to train, adult dogs may be easier to work with even with past traumas. Always consult a professional and follow the tips we discussed. Come back and tell us in a month, how has your relationship with your dog improved?

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