Wild Animals That Saved Human Lives

Can Wild Animals Save Humans. If so... Why? Just the thought of a wild animal can cause us to be a bit anxious, because wild animals are unpredictable. But, there have been cases of wild animals saving human lives. These true stories of wildlife rescuing people from imminent danger are inspiring to hear. Who needs a comic-book superhero when mother nature has provided her very own superheroes? Lets explore the planet together looking for real stories of wild superhero animals that saved human lives.

11 Ethiopian Lions Vs. Kidnappers


As children, you don’t have to worry very much about safety, even going and coming from school is relatively safe right?. Not for this 12-year-old Ethiopian girl.  Wondimu Wedajo was on her way home from school. Wondimu was taken by kidnappers whose intention was to force her into marriage. Such a marriage custom is mainly practiced in rural Ethiopia. The girl was so terrified that she started crying and screaming.  It was at that moment that a pride of lions took pity on her. The lions came up and chased off the kidnappers.  According to wildlife experts, Ethiopian lions are famous for their black mane. Typically, lions attack people, but these lions didn’t attack the girl. These iconic national symbols may have saved her because her cries could have been mistaken for the mewing sound of a lion cub. Wondimu Wedajo confirmed that the lions did not try to hurt her in the slightest.

10 Dolphin Pod Vs. A Hungry Shark


Enjoying a day at the beach sounds like a great vacation for most of us. A fun day in the sand and sun can take a turn for the worse though. A lifeguard in New Zealand went swimming with his family in the ocean. It was supposed to be like any other day of fun beach waves and saltwater. Instead, the lifeguard’s daughter and her friend were in grave danger. They had been separated by a sizable distance. A Great White Shark was closing in on the two girls. Luckily, they had their own lifeguards. A pod of dolphins swam around them in a tight circle, almost protectively, for forty-five minutes. The dolphins successfully saved the girls from becoming shark bait.

9 Sea Lions Vs. The Golden Gate Bridge


Many of us have crossed a bridge before and thought absolutely nothing of it. The bridge was just a road connecting two places on your transport. But for a few others, a bridge connects them to another life.  About 20 years ago, Kevin Hines, a nineteen year of a man suffering from mental illness, jumped off the bridge when his bipolar disorder and psychosis were completely devouring his thoughts and wellbeing. When he landed in the water, he was surprisingly still alive, but the water temperatures were frigid. He was freezing in the water. A moment later, he felt an animal nudging his feet, and it turned out to be sea lions. A boat spotted the brave seal rescuing the man. In many ways, the man owes his life to sea lions. This amazing rescue became a best seller book bringing hope and awareness about mental illness and how angels can be disguised as sea lions. Kevin remarks in his book he is “Cracked, Not Broken.”

8 Deer Vs. The Thief


When watching a movie, we’re always pleasantly surprised when the underdog comes to the rescue and rises up to be a hero. Well did you ever think a deer could be the underdog hero? Deer tend to be skittish and wary of people. One brave deer saved a woman’s life. In 2012, a Woman was walking around Oxford, Ohio. She was minding her own business when a man grabbed her. He started choking the woman with her purse straps. Thankfully, at that moment, a heroic deer leaped out from behind a bush and charged the attacker. The deer saved her life. According to the local police Sargent John Varley, in 17 years in the force he has never heard of a story quite like this one.  The Sargent offered a potential scenario for the deer’s bizarre behavior: the animal may have been resting nearby and got startled by the commotion making him jump out of the bush and save her life.

7 Wolf Saves Human & Blind Horse


What comes to mind when you think of winter? Maybe hot chocolate or snowball fights. But practicing any activity over ice could be fun, or it could turn into a dangerous situation if the ice cracks. For Lisa and her blind horse Cass, fun time quickly turned into danger time. The older and blind Mare had gone for a walk with the other horses. Lisa knew something was wrong when she didn’t see Cass coming back with the group. So, she went out in search of her precious horse only to find her trapped in the broken ice in a ravine. The woman tried to reach the horse to pull her out, but she too wound up trapped in the ice. Both were freezing in the frigid waters. Entering center stage, Biyou, Lisa’s Wolf-dog. When Lisa’s wolf-dog noticed something was wrong, he went after the two. He then pulled them both to safety becoming a true hero for his family.

6 Elephant Saves Girl From Tsunami

Wild animals rescuing people

The ocean can be a wildly stunning sight of nature, but we should remember that mother nature is powerful. 2004, 8-year-old Amber Owens loved going to the beach while on vacation in Phuket, Thailand. She had grown attached to a young Elephant named Ning Nong. The two spent tons of time together in each other’s company. On the last day of her vacation, Amber went to the beach to meet her elephant friend one last time before she left to go back to England. It was not a good day to be at the beach though. An unexpected tsunami came in pummeled the region. The girl’s parents were worried about their daughter, but she was alive. How did she survive? Her elephant friend’s instinct kicked in. The little elephant knew something was wrong and despite his trainer’s insistence to go back to the beach. Little Ning Nong ran inland to safety with his best friend on his back.

5 Whale VS. Sharp Teeth


Nan Hauser, a marine biologist swimming of the Cook Islands came upon a whale, or perhaps it is better to say that whale came upon her. The whale found her and kept nudging her forward. It tried carrying the researcher on its head and back. The marine biologist thought this was pretty odd behavior and even started fearing for her life. Why would the whale keep pushing her and trying to carry her? When she returned to her research vessel, she was finally able to step back and see the full picture. In the water with her there has been a large tiger shark. The whale was protecting her from the shark. This is not entirely uncommon as humpback whales like helping animals escape from predators.

4 The MGM Lion Attack


Going to the zoo can be an incredible experience. It can be filled with fun and intrigue, but we often forget that people work at the facility to help maintain the zoo and its inhabitants. These zookeepers can be put in a dangerous or even deadly situation in an instant. Las Vegas, USA. Two lion trainers enter the MGM Las Vegas enclosure housing a male and a female lion. Everything seemed alright at first. Suddenly, the young male lion started attacking one of the trainers; lions can be naturally aggressive, so this was always a chance.  But, according to experts, young male lions are constantly practicing their dominance skills. The teenager was testing his boundaries.  But the real boss there the older lioness.  She took matters into her own paws and got the lion to back off from the trainer. Her fast reaction allowed the trainers to escape with minor injuries. Talk about a nail-biting experience. The exhibit at the MGM was finally closed down after the hotel renovation in 2012.  But the Lions Habitat Ranch, in Nevada, still works to protect lions habitat at home and abroad.

3 Giant Turtle Saved Woman


Boats can be fun… until the shipwrecked.  In the ’70s Candelaria Villanueva was taking a boat somewhere off the coast of the Philippines. The boat went down and the woman wound up in the water fighting to survive. That’s when she spotted a giant sea turtle. She grabbed on to the turtle’s shell to keep herself afloat. To her surprise, the turtle did not dive down for food. It starved itself to keep Candelaria above water for two whole days. On the second day, she was found by the Philippine Navy. They thought she had been surviving on an oil drum. So, imagine their surprise when they saw that it was a giant sea turtle. After she got on the boat, the turtle dove down in the water.

2 Bear Vs. Cougar


When you think of California, you think of Hollywood, glamor, and beautiful beaches. You might even think of hiking since California is home to some spectacular forests. But you probably don’t automatically think of mountain lions. They do live in California though, as one hiker found out. He was hiking on a trail and stopped to watch a bear family.  He briefly watched them but didn’t know a mountain lion was behind him the entire time. The large cat pounced on him and attacked. The man tried to defend himself with his rock pick, but even a blow to the head did nothing to the mountain lion. The momma bear he had been watching ran towards the cougar and paw its throat. The bear won, and the cougar went on its way. The bear stared at the hiker for a few moments before going back to its life. The hiker became convinced that the bear recognized him as the quiet observer of her and her claves and intentionally protected him.

1 Beaver Vs. A Frosty Bite


You might have wonderful memories of camping with your family--memories filled with bonfires, music, and fishing. I can practically smell the roasting marshmallows. Unfortunately, not all camping memories are happy. A Canadian family from Ontario went camping. It started out normal, but the parents decided to go fishing. Rheal Guindo stayed on land as his parents went out into the lake on their boat to catch fish. That’s when he witnessed his parent's boat capsize. His parents did not make it out of the water. The boy left the campsite in a confused and panicked state. While he was trying to walk to the next town, temperatures dropped, and he began to freeze. He felt something warm and fuzzy laying against him on the ground, so he went to sleep. When he awoke, he realized it was wild beavers that had been snuggling with him all night and keeping him warm.

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